Tesla is the stock to buy

Tesla has a market cap that hovers up around industry giants like GM, Ford and Crystler yet their sales are only a fraction of those mega companies.  People without vision are sitting back looking at the fundamentals and shaking their head because they cant see how this is all possible.  These are the smart people who look at balance sheets, earnings projections and EPS numbers to determine if a stock is a good buy or not.

Over the last six months TSLA stock is up 90%…. it has basically doubled in value.  I really feel like we are walking into the age of the solar powered home and car. Two of your biggest expenses will be locked down by TSLA.  That is amazing to me but if you have any foresight you should know that by TSLA having their hand into that much of your life that profits are going to start flowing in.

It takes about 10 years to be an overnight success.  During all of that time you will have doubters who can only guage what you are doing by what they have already seen.  The key is that change creates millionaires.  We live in a world that has long been dominated by dirty energy.  Oil, gas, coal etc.  The shift in that is what allows TSLA stock to be worth so much without having the numbers to truly support it at this moment.

Stock prices are the forecast of future earnings.  But they are also a reflection of the fundamentals of the company. So TSLA is valued based on what it will be and the current car companies of the day, or rather the old car companies, are valued based on their assets and current revenue. Both can be true and we can both be right.  Unlike twitter two people can have opposite opinions and both be right.  You are absolutely correct that the companies that are established and aged are worth a lot of money but there is also an intrinsic value that comes with a company that is destined to become what these companies are.

Its like gauging a person who is accomplished, wealthy and seasoned with a young person who just graduated school and has a great job and things lined up for him.  The accomplishments will come and he isnt worth less than the person who has already done what he did.  If you are smart enough to bet on that young man you will reap the rewards when he becomes that accomplished person he is destined to be.  The old man is dying soon… he has only downside left even though it looks good that he has the wealth and the accomplishments.  You can only lose or sustain money betting on the old man. The wealth is in finding the young person and betting big on them. Bet on the young man.  Bet on TSLA now before its too late and you are stuck paying Google and Amazon prices.

Be great,

Todd M

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