The number one recession hack


When I voted for Trump I didn’t do so because I hate women or immigrants.  I happen to love both.  I believe that the hate for women narrative fit too perfectly into the first woman President narrative to be convincing.  It was a ploy to paint Trump as the villain and it worked.  It hurt my heart that people bought into it.  Nobody hates women. Nobody.

This post isn’t about politics or immigrants or women though.  This post is about the love of my life, the economy.

I have an undergraduate degree in business finance with a minor in accounting which means I tend to see the world through the lens of a business man.  During the election when people heard racism and sexism I focused on the dollar signs.  Money tends to make all your social issues go away.  Trump was talking the talk that indicated he knew how to make America wealthy but I can understand why those who don’t understand business or wealth couldn’t see it.  Most people don’t recognize opportunity because they are not financially trained to see it.  Wealth and opportunities are seen with the mind, not your eyes.  An example of this is the guy that turns the dirt lot into a multi family development and then sells condos.  The untrained saw dirt, the business man saw 10 million dollars.  I saw that despite all of the false reporting that Trump, a successful business man, wanted to make America the power that it once was.

To some this might sound like a bad thing.  They believe that we should be fair and nice to everyone.  Unfortunately that is a loser’s mindset.  Everyone can’t win and if anyone is going to win it should be you.  Over the last few months we have seen the economy boom.  The stock market it booming, wages are starting to increase and housing prices are soaring.  People are starting businesses and we are becoming more focused on wealth than we are focused on the social problems in this country.  This is not by happenstance.  This is completely in line with the type of leadership we have in America today.  Because I am now a trend spotting expert thanks to my recent reading of The Little Book on Trend Following, I would like to state that the trend in America indicates that we are about to enter into a booming economy.  What scares me is that following a boom there is a bust.

I don’t know about you but that last recession sucked.  It was a borderline depression, at least in the black community.  The African American community sunk to new lows both financially and psychologically.  When you lack a money, wealth and a job all of your social problems seem to be amplified.  For example, Lebron may have been upset that someone painted the n word on his garage door but given the resources he has, he likely didn’t even see it.  It was more than likely painted over before he even got home.  On the other hand, for those in poverty who don’t normally have people catering to their beck and call they hear the n word and sink lower and lower.  Is it just me or did the recession and the timing of the BLM movement seem to be too coincidentally intertwined?  People who have degrees that don’t pay or offer jobs tend to find employment working for the newly disenfranchised.

When you are wealthy you don’t experience racism in the way that poor people do.  If you are wealthy racism is an inconvenience, if you are poor it is the end of the world. 

Knowing this, it is important that we prepare so that we are not defeated WHEN the next recession hits.  The way that we do this is similar to the way that Joseph advised Pharaoh in the story in the Prince of Egypt.  We are coming up on years of plenty which will be followed by years of lack. The key is to earn as much as you can during these years but stack all the money and resources you have.  Do this so that when the recession does hit you are in position to take advantage of all of the discounted assets because you didn’t waste your cash on the turn up.

Because we just lived through a recession I know that most people are going to want to ball out.  DON’T!  If you are first generation anything you don’t need to be taking your prime years living on a beach.  Do that later in life when you don’t have the energy to work.  This time needs to be dedicated to an all out pursuit of wealth.

So, all of the excess that you have needs to be set aside and invested into this bull market.  Make your money now, put it aside and then have it ready for when the fall does come.  The opposite is to spend it all now and keep yourself tied to a job or business that might not be there in seven years.  You need a nest egg.  You need safety. You need to play the long game.  Wealthy people plan for three generations and poor people plan for Saturday night.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire

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