Under Armour “FINALLY” made a pair of HOT Curry’s


The internet is on fire because they believe that Under Armour finally made a pair of hot shoes.  I don’t think that they finally created anything.  Curry’s have always been fly shoes, especially the Curry 3’s.  For some reason people tend to not realize that you don’t like what you like, you like what you are told to like.  You like what your peers deem acceptable.

I remember when the Jordan’s would come out back in the 90’s.  The real Jordan’s not the retro stuff.  As soon as they dropped everyone said they were ugly, until Jordan started dunking on fools in them.  At that point in time they became the hot thing because you could connect success on the court to the shoes you wear.  The design didn’t change, it was just the perception of the design that changed.

One thing that you have to be as an investor is someone who sees the future before it happens.  I bring this up over and over again because it is so important.  In order to buy low you have to buy before high demand increases the price.  This requires you to go against the thinking of the masses and take risk because by the time you hop onto something that is hot, the money has already been made.

If you want to be a successful investor you have to buy the ugly shoes knowing that as the brand grows and becomes more accepted folks will LEARN to like what they should have already liked.  At that time folks will be circling back to buy retro Curry’s that they now realize are hot.   When the late comers finally come around those shoes will be selling for $200, not $120.

Had you bought the shoes when they were over looked you could have scooped up multiple pairs without competition, at the lower price, and then flipped them to the people who pay thousands for shoes they thought were ugly years before.  The same thing goes for stock.  If you buy when they are over looked you buy for the low price, with low competition.  Years later you cash out when folks are willing to pay multiple times over what you paid. The gap between when you bought and when you sold is your profit.

Don’t be like everyone else.  Everyone else doesn’t get rich.  Everyone else invests in what they see and you won’t get double and triple digit returns betting on the obvious.  Join the investment club today by emailing info@capitaltodd.com we would love to have you.

Be great.

Charles Oglesby III


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