Masking symptoms or finding a cure

The African American community is plagued with problems.  High blood pressure, diabetes, single parent homes, victim degrees, consumer culture, zero wealth, etc etc.  We are able to spot the problems but too often what most people do is they try to mask the symptoms when they need to be finding a cure/preventing the problem from occurring altogether.

We mask symptoms by throwing government funding at single moms when we should be figuring out why they are single moms and preventing that culture from taking a foothold in the community.  We mask symptoms by popping pills when we need to promote better dieting and exercise.  We mask symptoms by protesting against police when we need to eliminate crime.

The problem with masking symptoms is it allows you to continue to engage in that same detrimental behavior that caused the problem.  Then you pass on generational dysfunction instead of generational wealth or health.  As a result, you create a line of people that are dependent on more pills and free money.  In life you don’t become what you want to become.  The weak minded often times just end up becoming their parents.

I have seen kids in Watts turn 18 and get an EBT card and move into their own place in the projects, as if that is the natural order of things.  They got there because that is the culture.  A culture of masked symptoms.  As a result, they stunt their earnings and the opportunities that they can give their kid all in the name of free stuff.

This reminds me of the story about the woman who every time she cooked a pot roast she would cut off the end and throw it in the trash.  Her husband asked her why she did this and the wife said “I don’t know, I just say my mom do it”.  So the husband asked his mother in law why she cuts off the end of the roast every time she cooks the roast.  The mother in law tells him that she doesn’t know, she just saw her mom do it.  So the husband then goes to the grandmother in law and asks her.  The grandmother tells him that they were too poor for a big enough pot so she had to cut the roast to fit the pot.  The moral of this story is too many of us are engaged in detrimental behavior when circumstances that required our ancestors to resort to said behavior no longer exist.

A lot of the times we believe that it’s the disease or dysfunction that “runs in our family”.  A comedian once said that its not that disease runs in your family its that nobody runs in your family.  I often times use my family as the point of reference because that is the biggest sample size I know.  But most of us aren’t exercising and we aren’t eating right.  It’s like we are afraid to engage in critical thinking that would cause us to do things that hurt for a better life.  This is seen in the recipes that get passed down which are full with sugar and salt that create the obesity and disease that we say “runs in our family”. NO its just the culture you pass down is one that came from slaves living to get by not thriving.  We don’t have to eat like slaves anymore. We have to accept that the exact place that we are in is a product of our own doing.  The great thing is that when we learn to accept that we realize that if you are the problem you are also the solution. If white folks and other groups are the problem we have to change them.  Its much easier to change yourself than it is to beg other people to change.

The real point of this post is that Todd Capital and all of the things we are creating are for the purpose of being a cure not a mask for the problems we know exist.  For far too long we have been professional consumers.  We don’t own and we continue to waste money on unnecessary things for the purpose of showing off.  That time is done.  Todd Capital, as it grows, will create lifetime passive income for its members.  Todd Capital will create the generational wealth that you deserve.  Todd Capital is the antidote, not the prescription.

I encourage you to join our group and take real action steps toward changing the culture.  Email for more info.

Be Great,

Todd Capital

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