The Todd Capital Fastlane



Right now I am reading a great book.  This book is called the millionaire fastlane and it truly speaks to my ultimate goal with what we are doing as an investment club.  The book identifies the concept of working and saving a portion and waiting for retirement, as the slow lane.  At the end you will be wealthy but you will also be old.

The fastlane speaks to using your wealth to create big cashflow via business systems. This has always been a goal of mine and is a large part of why we are able to grow this fund and only charge the annual admin fee because we don’t make money on the market we make money leveraging our funds into higher cash producing assets.  It will make sense to you as it develops.

The optimal goal is to get that Wingstop franchise or that muti family housing development.  The end goal is where real wealth will happen and then we can funnel back our cashflow into the fund to preserve the wealth we generate.  Its a beautiful thing when it all starts working how it will work.  Todd Capital is the black owned Black Stone.

We have a significant sum of money that will now allow us to take on fastlane assets while still holding our current market investments.  I say this to show you that, despite our current success, the best is yet to come.  I also want to encourage those who are contributing on the lite tier to bump up into the elite version.  We are doing well but there is only so much of a return you can make on $25.  Small numbers don’t make millionaires.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire

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