Stop talking business with people who don’t know business


There are a lot of smart people in this world that know a lot of stuff.  These people are teachers, scientists, social workers, fire fighters, etc.  They are the masters of their lane and that works.  The problem comes when these same people then attempt to use what little they do know about areas outside of their lane and start passing judgment.

For some reason, over the last few weeks/months, everyone on the internet became experts at business. Specifically the sneaker business.  Now I wouldn’t be speaking up about their comments if they were just observations but I am speaking out because these people were cynics and they chose to use their infantile knowledge to tell us what is not possible.

Don’t forget that these are smart people. They know a lot of stuff.  They just stepped into the wrong lane.  Many times in my life I have brought my business ideas or business strategies to people that were close to me only to have them shot down.  Not because they weren’t valid but because they couldn’t see what I see.  They didn’t do the education, as Kanye would say.  They may have been right that it couldn’t work, for them, but their limitations are not my limitations.

When you gain a foundation knowledge in any area you can then use your later years to go deeper into that subject.  You can become more creative and more strategic with that knowledge.  You are doing this all while people with limited knowledge in that area are barely scratching the surface of the fundamentals.  For example, Lebron James understands basketball at a much deeper level than any of us.  Peyton Manning knows the position of QB at a much deeper level than just throwing the ball around. We can throw the ball or shoot a jump shot based on what we see, but there is a lot deeper understanding rolling around in their heads than there is in ours.

So just because someone understands that businesses sell stuff, that doesn’t make them the end all be all on what is possible in business just because they understand it at the surface level.  This is why I choose not to debate people about subjects they don’t fully understand.  Even if you explain it to them, they still lack the foundational knowledge and experience to GET IT.

The best thing to do is just stop debating them. When you debate someone you take on a little bit of their ignorance each time and they pull from you your wisdom.  I am not in the business of giving away wisdom for free.  I am also not in the business of taking on ignorance by entertaining it.  It is better to find people who believe what you believe then it is to debate someone who has a vested interest in not understanding what you are trying to explain.

Be great, stand on your convictions and don’t debate fools.

Todd Millionaire

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