Money or happiness? Both


Whenever you start drawing hard lines toward wealth creation there is always some smart person who pops up talking about how happiness is better than money.  I call these people “smart people” because they know it all and they have all the answers.  First and foremost, with the invention of social media we get to see into the lives of the affluent.  I have yet to see a baller on IG counting their money in misery, or driving their car or taking their vacations with a frown on their face.  I have seen a ton of poor people with that look on their face though.  I see how they go through life with pennies in their pocket and, unless they are hopped up on drugs, most of those that are impoverished are far from happy.  It’s like Lebron said after losing that series in Miami “at the end of the day I go back to my life and they have to go back to theirs”.  He was saying that win or lose he is still rich AF and you are poor and miserable and rooting on people to fail. LeBron-James-gif

Second, when did we decide that you have to choose between money and happiness?  The key is that money and happiness have absolutely nothing to do with each other.  People who have given up on the acquisition of wealth and affluence use this argument to justify why they didn’t achieve what they set out to achieve.  Its like Grant Cardone says “become obsessed with creating success or spend the rest of your life obsessed with explaining why you didn’t become successful.  

I believe that the large majority of the affluent are happy. There is a small minority of those who might not be, but lets not get in the habit of making the exception the rule.  People who don’t have to worry about their lights getting cut off or where their next meal is coming from tend to be pretty content. giphyBut that doesn’t mean that their life is without problems. Problems, like wealth, are subjective.  When you have more money you have a different set of problems but you still have problems.

This could make people think that they aren’t happy because there is this illusion that having wealth is the absence of problems.  While it is not a care free life it does create the kind of cares that you want to have.  I believe that so many people avoid affluence and thus never attain it for themselves because they are seeking a life that avoids problems.  Thus they avoid pushing through the inevitable hurdles that impede the land of wealth and affluence.  The obstacle, is the way.

Wealthy problems look like having to pay someone to clean your huge home or having to pay a lot in taxes or paying your staff.  The benefit of these problems and finding a solution to them, as the wealthy tend to do, is that you get to enjoy the perks of solving those problems.  The wealthy run TO problems while the poor run away from them. As a result, the wealthy person lives in the big beautiful and tidy home, they get the massive income that comes along with the massive tax bill, and they are able to hire out tasks to their staff that increases their wealth over and above what they pay them.  If you aren’t creating new problems you aren’t taking massive action and you likely aren’t creating wealth or success.

The point of this post is that money and happiness are not two sides of the coin.  there are wealthy happy people and there are wealthy miserable people.  Just like there are poor happy people and there are miserable happy people.  I think it is time that we kill the either/or narrative and set out to attain a life that includes both and all.  You can have money and happiness. Don’t let anyone make you think you have to choose.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire


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