How the Donald Trump impeachment rumor can impact your investments


People won’t give Donald Trump credit for improving the stock market but the market ran up when he was elected and then fell today when there was a rumor about impeachment. The key is that even if they don’t give him credit, we are still making money. Lol, sometimes its not about seeking agreement or even being right, its about making money.  No sense in being right if you aren’t getting paid for your predictions.

First, and foremost, I don’t think that they will impeach Donald Trump. Second, even if they did the stock market will still perform well and correct itself.

I give Donald Trump a lot of credit for the Trump Rally that took place after his election but in all honesty I believe we would have continued to see a rally even if Hillary won.  It would have been a rally in different sectors but a rally nonetheless.  There is always a bull market somewhere.  That huge dip and subsequent rally we say on election night and the following day was merely large funds shifting their portfolio.

What frightens me is the people who are waiting for some sort of a crash or recession.  All recessions aren’t created equal and even if we were to see a crash the market will still rise higher.  I think that these fears are simply being promoted to keep you on the sidelines holding cash and tied to your job.  The worst thing you can attempt to do is time the market or try to avoid losing money in its entirety.

Losing money is just part of the game.  When we first started this club we lost money and from then we went on to pick great stock after great stock.  I enjoy the ups but I know that in order to see ups we might have to push through the downs.  The key is that if and when these dips happen we have to continue to buy up the downs.

We had a great month in the investment club and I think that we are only going to continue to grow.  My goal is that we can get to 1000 members and convert this group into a publicly traded fund.  The goal was never to stay small. The goal has always been to liberate my people and shift the culture.

Stay focused, continue to invest through what looks ugly and just know that the only people who are losing are those that are in panic mode sitting in cash.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire

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