Hidden benefits of the investment club, Pt 2


I love it when I am out and I see someone consuming a product or company that I own stock in.  It gives you more confidence in your stock purchase but it also makes you feel like that person just paid you.  I have written a few posts about the benefits of the investment club and after I post this I will have to re-post those.  I don’t want to deprive the newbies of the wisdom that flows from my old content, LOL.  The key point of this post though is that stock ownership isn’t just about making money; it is also about participating in the economy.

Robert Smith, private equity billionaire, made a statement that it’s not enough to have education, you have to get access to the economy.  His story was about how his father was highly educated and they lived in a great neighborhood but his neighbor was a contractor who owned his own business and didn’t have a degree.  His other neighbor was a guy who worked for that contractor who also didn’t have a degree.

This story is significant because the goal of education is to make your life easier by allowing you to make more money and provide.  The problem is that jobs are limited.  Too many people have jobs and get paid a check that is larger than if they didn’t have a degree but they still lack equity and you can’t get wealth without a percentage of the bottom line.  A business just generates more income than any salary.  You can sell more products but you can only trade so many hours of your life for a check.  As a business owner or investor your equity helps you participate in the economy.  This works out even better when you have a high salary and stack equity (stocks) on top of it to augment your paycheck.

Having access to the economy can come in different ways.  You can own the company outright or you can be an investor or business owner.  

cashflow-quadrant1.pngAs a member of the investment club you are an owner/investor.  So when you see Steph Curry knock down a three that is more money in your pocket.  When you see Netflix add more content and users, that is money in your pocket.  When you see a long line at Starbucks, that is money in your pocket.  This is something that most of our ancestors or even our peers don’t quite understand and thus they left this part out of the black lives matter protest.  Your goal in every endeavor must be ownership. 

You need to be a participant in the world economy because money doesn’t care about how you look, act, talk or your background. Money wants to make money.   You need to participate in the economy because as it improves your life improves, on par with the improvements not as a trickle down effect. I encourage everyone to become a part of the economy as a participant not a spectator and you can do that by joining our investment club.  If you want in, email info@capitaltodd.com.  We would love to have you on board. 

Be great,

Todd Millionaire

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