If you have to make payments to afford it you shouldn’t have it


I made this statement on the internet this weekend and some people didn’t get it.  They slandered me. Told me I was out of touch.  Brought up education and homes and etc.  People on the internet just love to argue and take things out of context.  The quote was actually about a rich guy who gave advice to a poor guy who admired his Porsche.  He told him that if the only way he could afford it was to make payments then he wasn’t ready.   Unfortunately, I suffer from the problem of over looking the 100 people who agree to focus on and convince the 2 that disagree.  So folks proceeded to argue in my mentions.

For those that know, I am constantly digesting content in an effort to blow up and walk into more success.  When I learn something new I tend to share it via the different platforms I am on. Part of this is to motivate the culture, but to be honest, most of it is selfish and for the purpose of motivating myself.  You tend to motivate yourself by motivating others.

It always boggles my mind that often times when I share the thoughts of the greats I get challenged by the mediocre. You don’t really have to tell me if you agree or disagree with great advice.  I can tell by looking at your life what kind of advice you get and whom you are getting it from.  When I share something or learn something it is from someone that I admire.  Not someone who just happens to share the same space as me.  The point of this is that when you meet the guru or meet someone who is speaking on behalf of the guru you do yourself a disservice by debating or challenging when you should be taking notes. you already know what you know and you can’t get better by talking when you should be listening to a different perspective that has often seen things at a higher level.

The key of that post is the difference between HAVING to make payments and choosing to make payments.  Choosing to pay cash for a depreciating asset is just dumb but having the ability to do so means that you are now worthy.  If you can only afford a depreciating piece of shiny stuff because you finance it then you probably should rethink it.  This goes for homes, cars and even your education.  The world is changing and you can’t bank on unproven cliches.  Just because people say education is the way, maybe you need to qualify that statement.  Just because people say that a home is your best investment doesn’t mean that is so. The herd tends to get slaughtered.  Another point is that when you finance something you tie yourself to whatever you used to qualify for that loan.  This could be a job, or a living situation or a spouse.  Choose freedom not bondage.  Debt is slavery.  Bad debt is the worst slavery. (Bad debt is the kind of debt that you pay for, good debt is the debt that pays you).

Most of the people who disagree on the internet are too young to really know any better and I feel bad for them.  Your parents told you that you were grown at 18 and from then on you proceeded to make bad decision after bad decision.  I know because I was once there.  One of the benefits I had though is I learned the value or reading and seeking advice from ACCOMPLISHED elders, and the greats.  Your peers don’t know junk.  They are just as lost as you.  Study the greats, not your peers.  Study the greats, not your parents who believe you are the hope to save them.  As sad as it sounds, if they are banking on you to save them they probably aren’t the best source of advice.

So, if you are going to finance anything I hope you look at the consequences and the math behind it. Don’t just take common knowledge and act on someones theory or hypothesis. Find someone great and then match their life path to your life path.  Cliches get you killed.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire

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