Rules are overrated on the road to what has never been seen before

Every morning I wake up inspired because Todd Capital and the Todd Capital Investment Club are creating something that the world has never seen before.  We are creating a network of group economics driven wealth builders that specifically serves the black community.  The beauty of this is that we are doing this via grass roots efforts so we don’t owe anyone a dime.

A lot of the solutions that come to aid black folks are government funded or backed by non black folks.  We didn’t beg or plead for anyone to make this happen for us we just took up the mantle and for that reason WE get to profit from ALL of it’s success.  I was having a conversation with my mom this morning about how the hood looks terrible but there are people there who don’t work or have any other obligations to their time.  Therefore they have no excuse for why the area looks like it does.  It does not take money to make your neighborhood look descent.  If they used their time to improve their community they would have better living conditions and they would be able to profit from the improvements.

A lot of people don’t know this but the reason I created the investment club was because I got kicked out of one.  I was in an investment club with people who didn’t believe what I believed. The only thing we had in common was the stock market.  This hindered the growth of the organization and as a result fueled the Todd Capital club to greatness. The problem is they didn’t have a desire to blow up, they wanted to stay small and they wanted to just mosy along.  Our community can’t shift with small thinking though.

You are remembered for the rules that you break, is a constant them in a book I am reading by Phil Knight, founder of Nike.  There are so many old and outdated restrictions that have held back black greatness.  The idea that you shouldn’t make money on black people.  The idea that everything should be free.  The concept of crabs in a barrel.  Those are all rules that need to be broken.  Break the rules and create new history.

We don’t have to continue to repeat what our ancestors did. We can create new history.  We don’t have to march, beg, wait for our greatness.  We need to take steps now to create that greatness even if some rules have to be broken in the process.  You succeed based on your values and your values are effectively rules you govern your life by.  Therefore, we will look at some old cliches and ideas that have held us back even if we think we have to live and die by them.

What are some ideas, cliches, rules or standards that are actually holding you back? I can think of a few.  A lot of people think you have to have your stuff together before you start doing the things that help you get your stuff together.  What I mean is that a lot of people think you have to have perfect credit savings and etc before you invest or start a business or go back to school.  That is nonsense.  A job will never get you to financial freedom.  If you expect your job to help you get your stuff together you will be stuck going around and around on the rat race.

Another is the idea that if you live at home you should pay your parents rent.  Or if you live at home you have to spend all your money on your lifestyle.  These are old rules that need to be broken.  Paying your parents rent is silly.  If you parents want tenants they should go and get a rental property and charge the world not their seed.  You didn’t ask to be born and be their tenants.

If you live at home and you use all your money to be a baller, you are hustling backwards and again reducing yourself to a rat in the race.  Your goal should be to live at home and use that money to not ever have to struggle again.  When I was at home I saved multiple thousands of dollars and put myself in a hugely advantageous position financially.  It’s time to shift the rules and start putting standards in place that are going to elevate us not keep us where we are.  If might not look pretty and it might not be proven just yet but eff old rules.  All the old rules have us in last place.  Its time to change our thinking and as a result change our legacy.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire

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