Got a few grand and don’t know what to do with it? Come to Todd Acquisitions

The economy is improving. Despite what people say, believe, or tweet, people have more money and are using it to improve their lives.  This means that people are now coming into money and have to decide whether they are going to save it, spend it or invest it.  Whether you know it or not, every time a dollar hits your hand you have the opportunity to shape your financial future. This post is written to encourage you to use your funds to build your freedom not fund your future bondage.

As I was driving into the office I was talking to my mom about their recent car shopping excursion.  My parents are looking to trade in their Acura truck for a new Lexus or Audi truck so, as their unofficial financial adviser, I was running over the number with them:

The average price of these cars is $50-60,000.  The note would be $1200 and as soon as you drive it off the lot the car depreciates in value.  I told my mom that they would be better off using that same cash and credit to purchase a $200,000 duplex and renting it out for about $500 positive cash flow and then turning around and using the cash flow to pay for the lease on the car.  This allows their lifestyle to be tied to their assets not their employment.  Asset buy luxuries, your job is not an asset. C-gqi7qV0AATryJ.jpg

Every day I log onto IG I see someone else taking some exotic trip.  They are spending thousands just to check in on IG and get some likes.  After they get back home their pockets are lighter a few grand and all they can do is post #TBT pics of the vacation that cost them their financial freedom.

A vacation costs a few grand, if you are taking the kind of vacation you should be taking.  But if you are vacationing and you have no net worth you are just doing it wrong.  I know because I lived that life.  When I got out of college I walked into a well paying financial adviser position with Edward Jones and proceeded to blow money fast.  Years later all I have is depreciated trinkets and throwback Thursday pictures of the turn up.  My kids can’t inherit my likes, memories or experiences.

I propose that you take that same couple grand and pool it with other investors here at Todd Acquisitions and then go all in on a rental property that will allow you to fund the vacation you truly deserve.  One that is paid by your tenants not hours of your life.

How does it work? Well the average down payment on a home is 20%.  If you pool your $5,000 with 8 other members who have $5,000 we purchase the property for a discount, use that $40,000 to get the financing, rehab, rent it and then refinance out the down payment, getting you your cash back in less than a year, to take your Instagram vacation, while you retain ownership of a cash flowing and equity producing asset.

We already have a pool of over 20 real estate investors and we will be acquiring our first deal in the next few months.  You need to be on board.  You need to use your cash to liberate you not chain you to a job for the rest of your life.  If you are interested in joining please email us at

Be great,

Todd Millionaire

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