If you aren’t swinging for the fences NOW wtf are you doing?


It IS the best of times, it WAS the worst of times.  The American economy, stock market and real estate have never looked better.  People are working great jobs, they have money to blow and they are blowing it.  You see it.  Every weekend on Instagram you see it.  You see the concerts, the vacations the outfits, etc etc.  From an early age most of us were taught to put off having kids so we could use our single or married income with no kids to ball out and live the lives our parents thought they wanted.

I want to challenge you though. How about, instead of using that money to ball out on material items and fleeting experiences, you use that money to ball out on your investments and real estate.  If this is the time in your life where you have the largest margin of discretionary income I think the stronger and less conventional play would be to go all in on your investments so you can live your LIFE like your twenties, for the rest of your life.

Now that I have your attention I want to speak to a trend I am seeing a lot of.  Most people who are out there investing are only buying what the market/analysts tells them to buy or buying things that are already proven.  There is no money in that.  I know people will say “the first rule of investing is not to lose money and the second rule is to remember the first rule”.  I think that statement is terrible.  The first rule of investing in Todd Capital land is to get rich.  You can’t get rich following the herd and you can’t get rich investing in old news companies. lemming_b.jpg

True wealth comes from growth not from stability.  If you find yourself investing to not lose money it is safe to say that you aren’t taking enough risk to actually win.  If you aren’t taking enough risk to actually win you will look like an investor and sound like an investor but you wont see the gains of an investor.

Investing to not lose is just a basic level of thinking that wont get you anywhere.  Stop playing it safe.  Every time an athlete steps on the court or field there is a chance he will lose.  There are lessons in the loss and there is glory in the wins.  That is why nobody watches the games where there is nothing at stake.  The fact that there is a potential loss at stake is what makes the wins that much more fulfilling.  You have to be willing to lose to win.

Too many people want to look like investors or want to create an alternative to their savings account by placing money there to protect their principal and never put it at risk.  If that is you, and you aren’t 70 years old, you are playing the wrong game.

Invest to win, invest to get rich and go all in.  If you arent going all in and swinging for the fences you are not investing.  You are a sitting duck and when you get older you will have nothing but regret for all of the opportunities you saw but avoided out of fear of losing.  You are a better investor than you think.  You see what is gaining popularity, you see what people like and are willing to give up their hard earned money for.  Investing is not just charts and numbers, at the end of the day there is a company attached to those charts and numbers.  Focus on the company and look for opportunities.  But dont bet on old faithful.   There is a time and a place to play it safe and if you are young and black now is not the time.  Swing for the fences with Todd Capital and email info@capitaltodd.com

Be great!

Todd Millionare

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