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We have been operating the investment club for less than one year and we already have 90 members, at the time of my writing this I think we just brought on number 91.   Shutout to us.  As the fund grows, however, we are running into administrative issues.  We want to be able to serve the members that we do have as efficiently and professionally as possible because quality and transparency are our priority.  We also want to be able to have a quality and focused discussion with quality and focused stock picks.

On one hand, limited thinking would close the club at 100 members because it is a round number and it is relatively high and signals accomplishment.  But I don’t believe in limits, I believe in abundance.  Therefore the best way to serve more members is to have a staff of people that can specifically focus on Todd Capital work.  There is no glory in going small.

So, while I flirted with the idea of closing the club and I was encouraged to do so, I don’t believe that exclusivity will best serve our people.  My goal with Todd Capital is to shift the African American culture through doing not just teaching and definitely not through protest, I am not shy about that. You can’t do that with 100 people and you cant do that by closing doors on people who could be served by what we are building.

Therefore, if you have skills and abilities that you feel can serve the black community via the realm of finance and business I want to work with you.  If you believe what I believe, and you want to CREATE a better black culture, you are my business partner. Email info@capitaltodd.com to come on board and lets do work.

Be great!

Todd Millionaire

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