I don’t believe in white privilege, but…


Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t subscribe to any sort of privilege so a lot of this is hypothetical.  That said, I was reading through some business records and realized that a lot of companies are taking on massive amounts of debt to continue to grow their business.  This is scary because debt can crush you if its used irresponsibly.  That isn’t the point of this message though. This message is about the fact that these organizations can tap into these resources to continue to grow what they have over and above what they should be.  Why is that?

Most people argue that white people can get business loans at higher rates than black folks. This is based on a lot of circumstances outside of your control but assuming that this is true, I always like to point out that buying stocks in companies owned by people who went to the right schools or come from the right families lets you take on the benefits of those same people.  As they win, shareholders win.  Investing helps create a playing field that you can compete on along side those who you believe (I don’t believe it) are privileged.

Whether they are or are not, you can’t deny that if they are, you get to benefit at their expense.  Winning in America takes strategic thought and effort.  You cant just do the old things and expect to get new stuff.  Protests, boycotts and other things might not be the way.  Maybe its time to engage in some hostile takeovers or strategic planning for the level up.  Our people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge not the lack of protest or the lack of resources.  You can create your way to whatever you want in America so I encourage you to at least tap into this line of thinking.

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