They bombed Hiroshima and they built it back up better and stronger


I’m reading the book Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, founder of Nike.  The book is pretty good so far.  In the book he talks about how he wanted to take a trip around the world but more so he wanted to connect with Japan because they had a great low-cost shoe market that he felt he could make a fortune in through importing and selling them in America.

The book first shows that Phil Knight is not a dumb guy.  The man went to Oregon and then Stanford business.  So his plan was sound even though he was ahead of his time. Another great thing is that Phil had access to his father who funded a lot of his early success.  This is an entirely different issue that speaks to a trend that we hope will die in black America from here on but I wanted to point that out.

The real point of this post is that when Phil first landed in Japan he was driven through the streets of Hiroshima.  What he noticed (this all took placed in the 60s by the way) is that it was dark and there were no buildings.  Everything was burned down. This is because in WW2, America dropped a nuclear bomb on the country that obliterated everything there.  Since most of the buildings were wood the fire that came out from the bomb caught onto the buildings and reduced them to rubble.


What is significant about this story is that decades later you wouldn’t be able to tell.  Japan is still a world power and the city, aside from what they left in place as a monument,  has been built back up and is thriving.


A lot of the time when I mention to African American’s that we can win they like to throw indisputable facts in my face about how slavery this or Jim Crow that.  I use this story to show that everyone has been jacked up at some point in time.  Just like in life we fail at times and we lose.  The difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner gets back up after they fail.

What is significant about getting knocked down is that you come back stronger.  When Hiroshima was bombed they built something that is stronger, and likely fire and bomb resistant.  Its like being pruned.  They knock you down and you grow back stronger and better.  We have to stop getting knocked down as a culture and then withering away.

I always try to show how other countries and people have thrived following something jacked up done to them by America not because I am thumbing my nose up but because if they did it so can we.  The difference is that we have to let the victim, woe is me nonsense go.  Victims don’t create success.

I use the bomb as an example because there are a lot of bad things in American history done to African Americans but we were never nuked off the face of the earth.  If they can survive that we can survive our history.  Don’t let your history hold you back let it be the motivation you use to dominate and win in life.  I believe in us.  Join Todd Capital today and work toward building that greatness with a team of great investors. Email to join!

Be great!

Todd Millionaire

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