Todd Capital Update Monday 4/10/17

TGIM! First and foremost thank you all for riding with this group.  We will push through the $_______ mark this month which is amazing.  We have created a fund that can now leverage itself into bigger and better things with our capital.
One project that we are working on is a duplex or four-plex in Las Vegas.  Myself, Ike, Greg and any other member that wants to sponsor financing on the deal will purchase the property on behalf of the corporation and the Investment Club and Investment Club for Real Estate will come in as partners.  We will use part margin and part RE club contributions for the down payment.  This will allow the club the opportunity to partner with the real estate club and acquire this property.  What is great is that we can still keep all of the money we have working invested in the stock market while we receive cash flow (about $1,000/month) from the rental property and of course appreciation from that property.  We are still ironing out the details and we will be sure to put everything to a vote once we have something vote worthy.  Just know that moves are being made.
In regard to the stock market, we have seen some great growth and promise.  Just last week Tesla shot up and seems to be heading higher.  They are now the #1 American car company based on market cap.  This might sound scary because it could be an unwarranted valuation but Tesla is the only one out innovating and creating.   Additionally, the Model 3 is set to become what I like to call the “affordable iphone”… When Apple released the first iPhone it was cool but when they made it affordable it was game over for all phones that aren’t iphones or carriers that didn’t sell iphones.  So I don’t think that this is unwarranted.  This is significant because everyone is telling us the market is over valued and headed for a crash.  But the problem with crashes and bubbles is people don’t see them coming.  Therefore if everyone see’s this coming, the contrarian in me says buy buy buy.
Our index funds are still holding strong which is great.  We are still down in UA but with time we know they will run back up.  Overall we are slightly down, we have some winners and some losers but that is just part of the game.  I have attached the screen shot of the account to this email.
Lastly, the funding deadline for this month is coming up.  Be sure to get those over to us so we can properly record you for this month.  Remember, if it comes in after the 15th it is automatically bumped to the next month.  Dont be that guy or gal.
Make it a great week, do something that scares you today and as always if you have any questions you can email, text or call.
Be great!
Charles Oglesby III, J.D.
Investment Club Director
Todd Capital, LLC

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