Multifamily season approaching


One of the benefits of Todd Capital is that we are asset managers not just stock market investors.  This is beneficial because there is money to be made in all assets not just the widely publicized ones.  For those that don’t know what an asset is, an asset is something that puts money into your pocket.  In order to get rich, in the words of Robert Kiyosaki, you have to buy assets not liabilities.  Rich Dad said that rich people buy assets, poor people have only liabilities and middle class buy liabilities that they think are assets.

Liabilities that are disguised as assets 

One hard truth is knowing that your primary residence is not an asset.  It is a liability.  This is because your home takes money out of your pocket it doesn’t put in.  Even if you are able to see some appreciation in your primary residence the only way you can get that money is to take it out as debt or to sell the home, then you need to buy a new home.

Another liability is your car.  Transportation and housing are usually the biggest expense for people.   And this large expenses takes money out of your pocket that could be used to enjoy life or invest.  This is especially significant when you are chasing new, because new always gets old and you are in this perpetual cycle of paying a note forever.


Finally at Todd Capital we have accumulated a respectable number of resources.  This number allows us to start buying cash flowing assets that will help us level up even further.  An example is a duplex or four-plex that cash flows $1,000 plus per month and benefits from appreciation.  The goal is to purchase the property at a discount, rent it out and use the cash flow to continue to build up our portfolio.  All of the money we get in rent will be reinvested into our stock portfolio and all members will be credited with the additional bump in units.  Then we will go on the hunt for even more property.  

This creates a cycle of assets but also creates some diversification.  The cycle of assets is the beautiful thing because our members will still continue to invest monthly and our tenants will continue to pay us.  After years of this strategy we will be in a very good and wealthy place.

A lot of people who are investing on their own would not have access to a strategy like this or the confidence and connections to execute this.  I happen to have those.  Therefore Todd Capital has those.  My experience in finance, my legal background and the knowledge I am gaining every day and the strength of our team of advisers benefits you as a member as you get access to levels of finance and expertise you would likely not see simply putting money into a 401k.

Welcome to a hedge fund for the people.  A hedge fund for OUR people.  You are special because you took the leap.  Thank you.  We are only going to level up more.  If you haven’t joined yet I don’t know of any club that is doing what we are doing in the way that we are doing it so you need to hop in before we hit the 100 person cap.  

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