Monday Update: 3/27/17

Dear Team/Group/Family/Soon to be member,
Few updates here. First, because this has been pressing on me, I think that we will have quarterly conference calls and monthly podcasts.  I think this is a good way to keep people engaged without boring them with my long drawn out conference calls every month and not limiting you to just podcast info that can feel like a one way street.  This is the current compromise.  I will schedule the quarterly conference calls around the time companies report their quarterly results so keep a look out for that.
Second, in regard to our portfolio, we saw some stocks run back up from the lows the market was seeing.  I knew this would happen and I knew we would win by buying the dip. That was great to see. Additionally, we won big on SNAP with it running up about 15% over the last few days.  We proved the naysayers wrong and the large leaps and bounds that SNAP has been showing indicate a promising trend with momentum behind it.
Outside of that I don’t have anything else to report besides the fact that we are rolling out the new and updated version of Todd Capital University, Investing 101/Master Class.  This new updated version will include in depth information on mutual fund analysis and will include the slides and a free ebook version of the class.  The class is $100 but we are offering it for $50 to the first 30 students.  Spaces are filling up fast and even if you got a chance to catch the free version you will still want to catch the new updated one.  Email to RSVP!
As always, thank you for working with us and thank you for helping us build something great.  Make it a great week.
Be great,
Todd Millionaire

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