I’m not rich yet?

Through the course of working with investors I have realized that a lot of newbie investors are in the stock or real estate game for the short term. These investors treat the financial markets like a lottery with the end result being massive winnings with little effort or investment.  That is just not how it works.

You don’t build generational wealth in a fraction of one generation.  We didn’t get to this place of poverty and despair over night.  It took years and generations.  Thus, the only way that we can dig ourselves out is by sacrificing and engaging in the right habits for years and generations. 

It takes time

It takes time, but that doesn’t mean that you wont experience some success along the way.  While you are grinding toward a goal, the entire process doesn’t hurt.  You will see gains and improvements that aren’t your goal, but are progress and would not occur had you not embarked on the journey.  The key though is to stay focused on the destination and not the difficulties.  In the markets we will take some losses and we will bump our head but as long as we buy the dips and stay in the market for the long term we can’t lose.

We could if we wanted to

We have finally amassed enough money in the account that I would be comfortable paying out dividends and gains.  The goal would be for us to continue to stack onto and add to the principal but we are not a young and small club anymore.  This came because most people invested and stuck with the plan for months.

If we were to take distributions they would be small but substantial, however, I still recommend we double down even on the gains and stay with this for a full year.  The fact that we can now pull without disturbing our gains too much is one of the midpoint successes that I alluded to.

Stay patient

When we started this club we did so with the goal of using our funds to leverage into other opportunities.  I think that we are basically there now.  That doesn’t happen if we played the short game.  That doesn’t happen if we get scared and pull out.  This is the long game.  If you stay in this for the long game I promise you we will see some stock multiply in value and produce the true wealth that we are all searching for.  You have to stay patient and diligent.  That is the key.  Through all the false and misleading news, stay patient. Through everyone living it up on the gram and your parents telling you it cant work, stay patient.  Stay patient with the club on the road to success and I promise you that we will make it there.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire

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