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Yesterday I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Andre Hatchet.  This guy is kind of a big deal. If you have been following the new black economic civil rights movement, then you are probably familiar with Dr. Boyce Watkins and Jay Morrison. These guys are the thought leaders in this space.

I have reached out to both Boyce and Jay to speak at Todd Capital Con (10/17) and haven’t received a response, I guess they have a lot going on.  Nevertheless, the next best thing to the main person is the person beside the main person and that is who Mr. Hatchet is.

Mr. Hatchet is a great person to follow because he embodies a lot of what I preach on twitter about the power of thinking like an immigrant.  My entire goal is to elevate the black race in America and i believe that a part of what holds us back is our Americanized way of thinking. If we can tweak how we see things we can start to engage in different actions and as a result have better long term outcomes, despite the opposition and “oppression”.

This post is about taking actions in your business.  I have started several businesses but never one that I put as much effort and energy into as I have with Todd Capital.  Never one that I have relentlessly pursued despite the lack of responses, etc.  The difference between those businesses failing and this one thriving has nothing to do with the idea and everything to do with the actions I have taken.

You have to take so much action and put so much wood on the fire that something is bound to happen.  Nothing is off the table.  If its social media, you have to dominate.  If its blogging, you have to dominate.  If it is an event, you have to dominate.  Dominate all lanes. All lanes matter.

The key to all of this is reading.  Reading is the game changer, I promise you. Reading exposes you to ideas from the greats.  Reading is such a game changer that I see now why they forbid slaves from doing so.  Education makes a man unfit to be a slave.  Every idea or gem that I have pulled and implemented came from a book.

This post is kind of a random mix of ideas.



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