Todd Capital Book Club: Extreme Ownership (Victim thinking is holding the culture back)


For those that don’t know, I am on a 10X quest to read 100 books in 2017.  I haven’t stopped to count yet but I think I am on pace.  Why 100 books? Because the average CEO reads/listens to 60 books per year and nobody wants to be average.  10X baby!

Right now I am reading Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink.  The book is about taking complete ownership for the outcomes in your life.  He touched on a great point about victim thinking which is something I have harped on for a while because it is hugely prevalent in Black Lives Matter and the entire SJW message.

In the book they were conducting SEAL training, the book is about Navy SEALs, and there were two boats engaged in a race for training purposes.  One ship constantly came in last and the other ship constantly came in first.  What stood out to me is that when they switched boat captains the last boat suddenly became first and the prior first boat still came in first or close to first.  There were six total boats in this race.

The winning leader was able to bring the boat that consistently in last place because the winning leader made the losers in the boat raise their standards.  Additionally the losing captain went to the winning boat and the winning boat made him raise his standards.  Just like the soldiers in this training, it is not that you aren’t capable of being great, it’s that you don’t believe you can and you are performing in a way that confirms this.

The book  went on to then analyze the mentality of the losing leader.  They explained that the “original leader justified his team’s poor performance with any number of excuses”.  This is exactly what SJW do.  Whenever a situation occurs we hear about all the reasons why we cant, the reasons why it happened and the reasons why it never will change.  We hear this line of thinking so much that it becomes true and as a result it pulls down the people associated who don’t know any better.  This was evidenced by an Ebony article that said black teen suicides are at record levels.  Thanks for the depressing outlook BLM.  During the election we heard nothing about how Trump was sending folks back to Africa, how we were headed to nuclear war and how black folks are doomed.  None of this happened but hearing it over and over jacked up a lot of people and their thinking.

Back on the topic of the losing ship captain, Willink said that “his attitude reflected victimization: life dealt him and his boat crew members a disadvantage, which justified poor performance”.  “As a result, his attitude prevented his team from looking inwardly at themselves and where they could improve”.  This speaks to what I said above about feeling that poor performance is justified.  BLM allows you to believe that because you were dealt a bad hand that you don’t have a achieve.  Additionally, it speaks to the fact that the fake justification prevents one from finding a solution.  This is scary because it both keeps you down and then allows you to justify it.  One thing I admire about other cultures who don’t use their history as a crutch but rather a reason to achieve is that if they are losing they have the privilege of knowing that it is because of THEM and because it is them they have control over their success.  Its like Kiyosaki says, “if everyone else is the PROBLEM then you have to change THEM” but “if you realize you are the problem you can change yourself and thrive”.  Other cultures don’t get to blame their great great granddaddy and the white man and maybe that is why they win? (read Triple Package)

The above quote stood out to me because it is essentially how black culture operates in America.  The only thing you have to do is substitute excuse with good reason.  Good reasons are excuses.  Anything that allows you to pass on the blame might allow you to feel good but it wont make you a winner.  

The key is that we have to look inside and reflect on what we are doing that keeps us small.  What do we listen to, what do we watch, what do we eat, what do we not do.  All of these things can be changed in order to create a better culture.  The key is that you have to get rid of your good reasons and take absolute ownership for where you are.  The key is that you have to stop allowing people (liberals) to make you a victim of things that didn’t even impact you. You didn’t get hoses turned on you and you didn’t get whipped or forced to pick cotton.  You have the ability to be great and do all things.  Don’t let your history make you a prisoner.  Be great, because you are.

Todd Millionaire

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