Prudently frugal and selectively extravagant


The WHY of Todd Capital is to shift the culture.  Therefore, our attack is not only on investing but personal finance.  Personal finance is the driver of investing so we would be doing you a disservice if we failed to give as much game away in regard to personal finance as we do investing.

The biggest principal that you can take is to be prudently frugal and selectively extravagant.  What does that mean?  It means that you should practice frugality on a day to day basis and only splurge on occasion.  I practice this in my daily life.  The best thing that you can do is to scale back all of your daily expenses with cheaper alternatives so that you can operate out of a surplus that can be invested into your assets, not your fleeting experiences.

It is okay to have nice things and experiences. But not at the expense of your greatness.  This principal is something I pulled from the Jewish Phenomenon and will be discussed in greater detail in the following paragraphs.

Money can be used as something to buy things or it can be used to liberate you.  One thing I admire about the Jews is they realized this idea.  As a result of years of persecution they focus solely on amassing as much money as humanly possible out of fear of being oppressed.  This is significant because green is the only color that matters in America.  We see this time and time again.  Jews will scale back on their car and their house to ensure that they have millions to throw at an advantageous investment or a business.  They might not look like money but they have the cash stashed way.  Cash, not financing, is the ultimate bargaining tool. Cash allows for discounts.  Cash allows you to dictate the terms and the interest rate.  Cash can turn at 4% net return into an infinite return.  We saw this when cash buyers came into the real estate crash aftermath and bought up properties for pennies.

We all have cash, resources and income.  This is obvious with the tax refund boom we are seeing on Instagram.  The problem is we are using our cash to liberate others NOT ourselves.  What worries me is that the people who were complaining about oppression and their black life mattering are now in some tropical location with their feet kicked up stimulating someone else’s economy.  OR they just cashed out at Louis Vuitton again stimulating someone else’s economy.  I don’t blame these people for not knowing that their habits are holding US back but that doesn’t take away from the fact that their habits and their ignorance are holding US back. 

The field that I work in allows me to deal with millionaires and ultra high net worth individuals.  The firm that I work at is owned by a Jewish man worth over 200 million but you would never know that by the looks of his beaten down and busted brief case or the Citizen watch.  The firm that I worked AT prior to coming to this firm was ran by an ultra flashy attorney who had the house the car and the watches but couldn’t afford to pay his tax bill.  The beauty in all this is that the Jew uses his money as a sword, and a shield, to take advantage of the people (interestingly enough, the attorney from the firm I left was one of these people) who fall into consumer culture and in desperation sign over their life and assets to him for a bail out.

I will never forget the time I opened a bank account in LA for the typical LA “baller”.  This was an African American gentleman who claimed to live in an expensive loft, had all the jewelry and talked a big game. I was greatly disappointing when I came back to a charged off account because he had over drafted the account during a weekend of partying.  It is rare to see someone doing well in LA that looks like you and that was a big let down.  Interestingly enough, it never failed in banking to see the people who didn’t look like they have it, who HAD it, and those who looked like money but were dead broke.

I don’t blame race though. I blame American consumer culture.  This is not a black issue but that still doesn’t allow us to continue poor habits to our demise just because “white people do it too”.  One thing I admire about immigrants is they pick and choose which American principles they want to adopt.  They thrive in business and education but for the most part they aren’t caught up in spending all that they have to look like they have.  Most just want to have.  In my opinion having is way more important than flossing on the gram.  Your kids can’t inherit your IG likes but they can inherit your assets.  Be frugal, invest the excess, live out of the cash flow from those investments and then leave them to your heirs.  If you are interested in working with one of our financial coaches email

Be Great!

Todd Millionaire

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