Same goals, different vision


Same goals, different vision. What does that mean?  I think that in life we tend to meet people who are doing the same thing that we are doing currently.  Maybe they are investing, maybe they are in college, maybe they are in law school or at the same job as you.  You have the same goal and that is to achieve at the current endeavor.  One thing you learn though is that while you are in the same space you might not be in the same race.

This post is about not allowing your circumstances to limit you.  Often times when you get around people who think they are your peers (because they occupy the same space as you) they will believe they are qualified to speak into your life and your vision.  The problem is that some times people can have similar goals but not the same vision.

People do similar things with a different end game in mind.  I like the example Grant Cardone gives about when he was working at McDonald’s and miserable while the man next to him was excited.  Grant took the job for the $7.  The man took the job to learn the businesses so he could open several franchises.

The key is to stay true to your core values but to reach up, never sideways and definitely not below.  You need to line yourself up with the giants, the people who are doing the things in line with your vision not the incremental goals that get you to that vision.  You need to study with the A students not the C students who are aspiring A students.  They have the same goals as the A students but the A student has the different vision/why.  The view is much different when you are already on the A level.

In regard to investing, there are a lot of reasons WHY people can invest.  Some people are investing to play it safe and conserve.  Some people are investing to make millions.  Same vehicle, different vision. A lot of this is tied into your risk tolerance.  Safe people are going to convince you to play it safe and conserve.

Their vision is not your vision even though you are in the same financial markets.  Their advice makes sense to those with that vision of comfort and security.  Don’t let that advice and all the rationalization that comes with that advice hinder your vision though.  Nobody is right or wrong here, they are just aiming at the different things.  Get around people that think like you think and see what you see.

Be Great!

Todd Millionaire

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