Monday Update: Todd Capital Investment Club, Elite, Pro and Lite


This is the Monday update!  We are doing some great things together as this organizations grows and I want to once again thank you all for taking the ride!

Attached to this email is the snapshot of the account as of the Friday close.  As you can see we are profitable and growing even more profitable.  We are only in the first quarter of the year and doing very well.

There is a lot of talk about crashes and dips and I want to encourage all of us to continue to invest and not fall prey to the fear mongering that keeps people on the sidelines.  We have had our successes because during those dips (see pre-election emails) we continued to buy.  It is not the dips that ruin you it is either not investing or selling.

This month I want to challenge us to get 100% participation.  We are still at the beginning of the month and what I have found in life is that its not the large planned expenses that ruin the budget but the small drips that happen over time.  I want to challenge you to monitor those small drips and create a strategy to put that money aside so you can invest this month.

We are on the brink of 70 members with about 65% participation. Don’t fall off the wagon.  Lets get those numbers up and continue to grow and thrive.   This is just the beginning of some amazing things.  I promise you.

Be great,

Charles Oglesby III, J.D.
Investment Club Director
Todd Capital, LLC

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