Todd Capital Book Club, The Investment Code


I just finished reading a great book “The Investment Code” which is written by H.W. Charles, a great author who also wrote “Money Code”.  Both books are phenomenally life and paradigm changing. In both books he discusses how Jews manage their money and investments to achieve great wealth.  One principle that he spoke to was the fact that Jews invest heavily into high growth assets early in age when they can afford to take the risk because they have the rest of their life to recoup the losses if and when they occur.  This is how I approach investing.

I know a lot of smart people and those smart people tend to be the ones who can tell you why things can’t work.  They are also the ones who can tell you why something that has worked, was able to manifest.  Newsflash, this isn’t intelligence.  It requires little to no thought or foresight to point at what already is.  A child can do that.  In order to be an intelligent and clever investor you have to be able to draw inferences and look into what can be.

I like the book Investment Code because he starts you off at a low level and then takes you high.  The book starts off by telling you the benefits of investing, then it tell you about the different asset classes and finally concludes with different strategies for investing.  The appendix even has model portfolios.  One key that I took away from the book is that it closely mirrors how we structured our Investing 101 class at Todd University.

The book is only 60 pages, it is a quick read, but by the time you finish it you will be so much further ahead and able to grasp certain concepts thrown around into the investment club group chat.

If you have Kindle Unlimited you can get this book for free but I think there are other low cost ways to get this book. It is worth the investment.  Read it and lets talk.  I am curious to hear what you may have pulled from the book that I did not.

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