The dream of Todd Capital


I have a dream.  I have a dream, vision and goals for Todd Capital to completely shift the landscape of African American economics in America.  Todd Capital is not limited solely to the stock market or real estate.  If you have followed my posts you will see that we eventually plan to operate as a one stop shop for all things finance.  This will include banking, investing, investment advising, budget consultations, business loans, short term bridge loans, mortgages, and venture capital.

For too long our community has been financially undeserved and/or taken advantage of and I believe that it is up to us to create our own solutions.  I say this because when you rest on what you don’t have and cry out for someone to save you they get to profit from saving you.  Example, artists who reach out for a record deal, they get a check, the owner of the label owns them and gets the real check.  Another is the idea of chasing pro sports.  Athletes get fat checks but the OWNER gets the biggest check.  The key is that you don’t need someone to save you, you need to use your mind to creatively figure out your own solutions so that you are the one signing the front of the check not the back.

We have to fund our own start ups. We have to fund home renovation loans.  We have to provide capital for our businesses to expand.  Doing so will ensure that our community does not become prey to someone who masks their true intentions while stealing our wealth.  We have to ensure that we are getting accurate advice, and that the people who benefit from assisting our clients pour back into where they got it from.  By funding our own businesses we allow our creativity to shine in the market place.  Every single tech invention (instagram, snapchat, twitter) was thought of by a black person first. The problem is they didn’t have the venture funding or know how to get the funding.  The solution, is Todd Ventures.  

The goal is not static.  I don’t think we can have static goals that allow the world to strategically out maneuver the progress that we make.  One downside of broadcasting your goals via protest is you signal to the world your intentions.  You let them know where you want to go so when you get there they have already adjusted to beat you at the new location.  This was seen when slavery turned into Jim Crow and Jim Crow turned into Social Justice.  So the goal, NOW, is black business, black wealth and black economic education. But it could and SHOULD shift along the way.

My dream is that we can have safe communities that provide an environment where the elite and not so elite can coexist to a certain extent.  I believe that one of the biggest flaws in our community is that the best and the brightest avoid predominately African American areas.  This creates an environment where not only do tangible resources get pulled out but intellectual and moral resources do as well.  You create a wasteland and if you look at a lot of these areas that is exactly what is there.

We have to build and frequent our own businesses.  We have to clean up the streets and do away with vandalism and disrepair.  It is up to us to build up dilapidated homes and increase the property values.  This is how you combat gentrification.  You take your property off the radar.  Investors are looking for communities where people don’t care, where they can discount the value of your property by convincing you that it is worthless and then kick you and your heirs out.  This is how the game works.  Investors strategically discount the value of you so they can increase their profits.  By continuing to improve what we have we can keep out the would be thieves and protect our wealth.

Its not enough to sit on the sidelines and complain or cry for the government to save you.  The government consists of real people (typically an elite class) with real money and more often than not these gentrifiers (real estate developers, and also elites) have contributed to their campaigns, they live in the same neighborhood, kids go to the same schools and the government has a deeper commitment to the gentrifiers than to you.  So you can’t sit around waiting for the government to save you because they are not here to do whats right they are here to do what makes cents (pun intended).

You have to be purposeful in how you spend your money and the goals that you pursue.  Those decisions impact the status of your community.  It’s a shame that people ride around looking like money and looking like they have it all together while their community falls apart.  Stop begging for what you need and buying what you want.  Choose yourself to save your community.  Choose yourself to build the dream community that you deserve.  Todd Capital is here to help.  If you haven’t joined Todd Capital yet email us at 

Be Great!

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