Monday Update

Good Morning Investment Club Family!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  TGIM!  This is the Monday email that we send out with a quick update on the group progress.  We now have 67 members…. booming.  We should have 70 by the end of the week, booming.  Our portfolio is in the black, we have members who are seeing great returns, Steph Curry is hooping… We are winning on all levels.

I think the major takeaway from the members who are doing well is that they didn’t stop investing.  If you buy when the market is high and consistently buy the dips then when the market returns back to the highs you will have gained on those dips.  So it’s one thing to look at the total portfolio return but like I said in a prior email the true data lies in your bivio account.

This investment club is one of the biggest investment hacks to date.  I applaud all of you for taking the step to join and consistently invest in this club and I know 2017 is going to continue being a great year.  Be great and have a great week.


Charles Oglesby III, J.D.
Investment Club Director
Todd Capital, LLC
PS: The link for the investment class is:


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