Monday Update: 2/13/17

Good morning Todd Capital Investment Club,
This Monday is significant because it is the week of our mid month contribution deadline.  This deadline applies to both Todd Capital Investment Club and Todd Acquisitions.  Please get your contributions in on time and properly labeled so we can account for these contributions properly.
Attached to this email is the most recent snapshot of the Scottrade account, which is tracked by your bivio.  As you can see we are at about even because our gains bring up the slack in our UA and S losses.  We are doing tremendously well in Visa and QQQ.  5 of our 7 holdings are positive so this is great!  I still have a lot of faith in Under Armour, their CEO and their talent roster so it is only a matter of time before that rebounds.
Since we aren’t doing a conference call this month we will have to discuss our investment ideas virtually.  Therefore, in addition to the recorded update I am planning to release, please email or groupme over some stocks you like and are watching and would like to contribute to the voting ballot.  We will do our best to research these and provide a statement about that company on the voting ballot.
Also, take a look at what we currently own that is performing well and determine if we want to continue to build up our position in those.  We are doing some great things and we should be in position to leverage our portfolio into some great opportunities in the next few months.  Thank you for your vote of confidence.  Have a great and productive week.
Be great

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