You can protest and profit at the same time.


People are angry.  People hate the President.  But that shouldn’t stop you from getting paid.  This post will discuss why the American economy is BOOMING, and how you can take advantage of what is to come.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the stock market lately you missed out on about 8% in gains in the S&P index and 10% in the Nasdaq.  This came on the back of all the recaptured gains from post recession dips.  A common theme I use, and it is something I learned from my tenure at Edward Jones, is that the market always trends up.  So, even when you have a dip the market will correct itself and make back those losses and then BURST through prior record highs (read Dow 20,000).  Those gains are your profit.  Those new highs are your wealth.

The key is that there is still a lot of growth to be had as we continue to break records, especially with the reforms aimed at creating this growth.  Obama had the hard task of digging us out the hole and Trump walked into better days which if used correctly could mean prosperity for more in the US,  not just getting by.  Now that Obama has dug us out the hole, Trump has a mandate to now build upon the foundation laid for him.  Thank you Obama.

Unfortunately, fear is keeping people out of the game and thus unable to capitalize on the growth because they see us at the top of the mountain and think we can only go down.  However, as I have said before, in the stock market the opposite of up is not always down.  You can continue to go up. While we have recovered we have not yet peaked.  Additionally, we don’t know how long the peak will last when we get there.  This isn’t a roller coaster.  You don’t peak and then crash.  During the real estate boom the country enjoyed years of prosperity before the crash.  I wouldn’t say that we are in our years of prosperity which means there is still growth.  The worst thing you could do is not be in the game or wait until everyone is in because that will be too late and you can only LOSE at that point.

You should be buying up all the stocks that are betting on America.  Whether it be jobs, manufacturing, building a plant, whatever.  Those companies have the right mindset and those companies are taking advantage of what is to come.  It is one thing to protest something you can’t change but you have to take advantage of what you have and those are Trump’s policies, for at least four years.  I also say you bet on tech.  Trump is no dummy he knows these companies are going to win regardless of the government.  While most tech companies were hoping for Hillary there is a reason they saw a boom over the last quarter.  Tech isn’t going anywhere.  Facebook, Amazon etc have only gotten stronger and they are adapting to still thrive in Trump’s economy.


President Trump might not be the most likable person, he might not be the most articulate or well spoken but the man knows business.  You can disagree with his tactics but the bottom line is that he gets results.  As we have seen since even before he took office, a lot of companies are bringing manufacturing and their cash back home.  Sprint is bringing back billions, Apple is bringing back billions, UA is investing billions at home.  There are a lot of great things happening because we are pushing for those things to happen now.

When companies bet on America and stop fueling other economies it is a sign of optimism and promise.  With that comes rising stock prices, rising home prices and rising wages.  These are all things that most Democrats want but they didn’t expect it to come like that. I believe that a solution is a solution no matter who gets the credit for it.  We have seen what partisan politics can do to a country.   But a key message is that even those who play the politics game get rich in the process.  For example, Warren Buffet opposed Trump, called him inept and rebuked his policies, yet Warren has made 6.4 billion from the “Trump Rally”.  Don’t be afraid to play both sides.

Cleaning up crime increases real estate values

In addition to the stock market and jobs coming back to America, President Trump has vowed to clean up the streets with a highly controversial program similar to Stop and Frisk.  You can use this as an opportunity to get mad but the fact is that a lot of lucrative real estate investments are being held down by crime, poverty and disrepair.  Areas like Baltimore, Chicago and South LA are great opportunities to own rental property or develop old outdated property but people are just too scared to invest there.  I am one of those people.

You have to live under a rock to not see the terrible things happening in urban communities.  Sometimes hard choices have to be made.  It might hurt and there may be collateral damage but it is better those people be in jail than shooting innocent people.  It is what it is.

The upside is that when you clean up a community the property values rise and the scared money floods in.  You want to be the money that comes in to take advantage of the opportunity that comes with cleaning up crime in the community. I want you to be rich, not protesting the right to be comfortable and poor.  The key is that successful people just do the hard things that normal people are afraid of doing.  There is no secret.  The solution is to put in the work and master what is difficult to do.

The point of this post is that you have to get in the game.  You need to be investing in this market because there is a fortune to be made in the bull market and boom that is to come.  Bet on business in America and bet on real estate.

I have a theory that the recession sparked a lot of the racial tension in America.  It is one thing for someone to not like you but it is another for someone to not like you when you cant afford to feed your family.  Focus on getting your finances together and less on making someone like you.  But, if you are going to protest to make someone like you, at least know that you can protest AND profit.  

There is money to be made over the next four, and hopefully eight, years.

Be great!

Todd Millionaire

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