Gary V wants to buy the Jets and Game was bragging about being number one in Madden?


I don’t know if any of you watch the Gary V series “DailyVee” but if you don’t it is a daily video blog of a super successful entrepreneur and second generation immigrant who turned his fathers 3 million dollar wine store into a 40 million dollar venture by using youtube and other technology platforms.

Gary’s goal is to become the owner of the Jets.  To do that, you have to become massively wealthy.  A hobby of mine is to google sports team owners.  Their stories are usually about how a man rose in the ranks of business, created a massive fortune and then settled down into ownership.  A goal like Gary’s is impressive because you have to become rich in the process of achieving a goal that will make you even more rich.  This is the epitome of a 10X goal and if you really look at what he is doing it is like cracking a cheat code in life.

On a recent episode Gary had a meeting with The Game.  A gangster rapper and probably a pretty financially successful dude.  Game was telling Gary V about how he is ranked number one in Madden worldwide.  To which Gary replied “so that means you have to play all day”.  Game said “yes I play all day”.  Then Gary gives him his props for his “accomplishment” but not until after they talked about how there is a connection between their goals because they are both football related.

Because this blog is about shifting the culture I want to take a second to tell you how silly Game sounded bragging about a video game accomplishment.  The problem is that in the hood he would be given a lot of credibility and notoriety.  In all actuality, Game is probably promoted as the number one player because it helps Madden sell more games.  This is just another instance of black men using their image to make others rich and their communities poor.  Highly paid slaves.

The reason why this goal is so silly and simple minded is because he is investing all his time and energy into something that has no return on investment. At most he will get bragging rights.  There is so much thought energy and wasted time that could be used to create opportunities for people by providing value to the market.  This is seen in rappers or athletes who purchase franchises, start brands, sell products or create value in some sense.  I bring this up because Game’s line of thinking isn’t an aberration.  He is the standard.  Most of us are wasting the best years of our lives only to get old and wish we had done something with all that time.  You have to create something that will make your life and your heirs live’s better.  You have an ethical obligation to make your community great again.  Playing video games all day is an insult to the things your ancestors fought for.

What frustrates me is that in buying the Jets, Gary has taken his inherited fortune and flipped it into a social media mega company while Game is playing video games and bragging bout it.  Gary has offices around the country and employs thousands of people to blog, tweet and post, things that black people already do, very well.  We do it so well that major brands steal our ideas and use them to promote their brands.  How about we create our own agency and have them hire us to create instead of stealing our creativity and then finding a loophole to avoid paying your for your IP (see black twitter).

In chasing his larger than life goal, buying a billion dollar sports team, he created jobs for white people, is getting richer and is doing things black people already do better than them for free. We just didn’t figure out a way to monetize it which seems to be our problem with everything.  We can think of the memes and dances but we didn’t think of this financial solution FIRST.  By going for larger than life goals Gary is able to create opportunity, provide opportunities, make more money than he even needs and leave something to his kids.  If and when Gary achieves his goal he will set up his heirs to never have to work again in life and be afforded all life’s advantages. Money solves ALL things.  I am sure your community would rather have the money via extra jobs and opportunities over your whining and complaining for them and definitely over your Madden ranking.

We have the wrong goals.  We want to be entertained and we want to have a good time but you cant protest and complain and then go back home to play video games.  Like I said yesterday “mere talk leads only to poverty”.  If you protest (talk) but you then don’t put in actual work (not charity) then your community will be impoverished.  YOU might have money but what wealth and influence have you created for others?  The Game (pun intended) should be about creating opportunities for the masses not merely being the one who made it.  You failed because you failed to use your ability and influence to create larger than life opportunities for your own.

Gary V is a hustler and he isn’t wasting time playing video games.  His end game is legacy.  Your kids cant inherit your Madden rankings.  It is borderline disgraceful that you would even invest so much time and energy into something your kids cant live out of.

Be great today, for your heirs.

Todd Millionaire

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