Todd Capital Investment Club: Monday Update


It’s another great Monday!!  I hope you all were able to catch the game last night and even if your team didn’t win you were able to pull a metaphor out of that comeback and victory.  You can lose all three quarters but if you don’t give up and keep pushing you can come out on top!!

I don’t want to get preachy so I will stick to business.   Last week was a good week but also a not so good week.  Earnings posted for UA and Visa.  Our Visa popped about 5 percent but our UA took another significant hit of about 20%.  The good thing is that our Visa position is much larger than our UA position.  Another good thing is UA is a great company regardless of whether the stock is experiencing a pull back.  The great thing about this club is we are all holding each other into this position and I know we will see success once it fully rebounds.

I saw a post about NFLX and how if you bought in the beginning and held until now you could have turned $10,000 into about $100,000 or even more.  Before it shot forward, however, Netflix took a hit of about 50%.  The people who had little faith sold at the bottom and the ones who rode it out or even doubled down became very rich.  We are winning because we are holding and continuing to invest when everyone else is running scared.

FYI, no conference call this month.  Partly because I am studying for the bar and another is because I want to focus on not tying up peoples time with phone calls and instead getting the information to you in podcast form.  So look out for a short 30 minute podcast update around the time we always have a call and the voting ballot to follow.  You can volunteer your investment ideas via email or groupme.

Last bit of information, if you haven’t yet heard, we have released our investment class!!  The class will be held this upcoming Wednesday Feb 8 at 7pm PST.  The first class(es) will be free so get in while you can.   As always, thank you for your continued support of this movement.  We are knocking down goals daily. 

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