Over promise and over deliver: Todd University – Investing 101


We said that the investment class would happen and it has.  We are finally ready to launch. Our first installment will take place this week Feb 8th at 7pm.

Our mission is to completely change the financial culture of the African American community and not make you broke in the process by charging you an arm and a leg.  We believe that by providing this service to the community at a free and reduced cost to you that we can create enough value that everyone wins.

This class will cover:

  1. Why you should be investing
  2. What the “market” is
  3. What stock indexes are
  4. What events impact the market and make stock prices move
  5. The different asset classes
  6. Trading strategies, and much more

This is going to be a class that you do not want to miss. There will be no fluff and no fillers just hard hitting and straight to the point information.  

To reserve your seat please email info@capitaltodd.com 

We look forward to working with you.

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