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I’m tired of the same old problems that exist in the black community. Cops, drugs, racism etc.  Those problems are old news.   We have been fighting the same issues for 60+ years because those are the wrong kinds of problems to be fighting.  It’s time to have the RIGHT kind of problems.  Problems that move a culture forward not merely keep them steps behind in fake progress.  We are spending time and energy fighting fires when we need to get to the root of what is actually causing them and/or what can prevent them from ever even becoming fires in the first place.

In the book the 10X rule by Grant Cardone he opines that the only thing that separates average from greatness/success is MASSIVE 10X level ACTION. Grant says that you will know you are creating enough action when people start to warn you that you are doing too much and when you create new problems.

The “new problems” message stood out to me because whenever you propose a solution to whatever plight or struggle that exists people are quick to point out the problem or the obstacle.  Solution: Start a business.  Problem: No money.  Solution: Marry the mother of your children.  Problem: She be tripping.  Solution: Support black business.  Problem: Expensive and poor customer service.  There will always be problems in the face of doing what is right.  Well the obstacle is the way and if you see the obstacle that is exactly where you need to be headed not what you are avoiding.  Problems and success go hand in hand.

I was talking to my wife about my new goal of putting my name on a high rise in Downtown LA.  If you have been to DTLA recently you know they are undergoing a massive expansion and redevelopment.  I think that DTLA can be just like NYC which indicates there is room for even more sky scrapers, my skyscraper, Todd Towers.

My wife quickly pointed out that I would need a billion dollars to build a building.  That might sound like a reason not to move forward but it could also be the foundation of learning and making new connections.  When you have the RIGHT kind of problems you are forced to level up and grow into someone that can defeat those problems.  I now find books and mentors that help me achieve a notable goal.  A goal that will not only benefit me but my community when I am done.  When you have the wrong kind of problems you shrink and let your problems over take you.  OR, if you do defeat the wrong kind of problems you are really no better for it.

Example, ending police “brutality”.  Many BLM folks thought that ending over policing would make their communities great however you end up left with more crime, more death and more destruction.  The problem is that ending police brutality was not the proper problem. Thus when you win at the wrong problem you actually end up losing.  The better problem is to build a better culture and that is exactly what we are doing.  If you have a better culture, police activity becomes moot.  If there are jobs, family support and a healthy community there is much less crime and police then become allies not enemies.  Attacking police was the easy approach because it is blameless.  You don’t have to level up when someone else is the problem therefore you don’t have to sacrifice and dig deep.  Problem is you are giving them the benefits that come with providing the solution.  The key is to become your solution by smashing the right problems not the weak ones.

The point of this post is that we have to continue to grow our resources through Todd Capital.  Todd Capital is growing into a fund that will allow us not only to buy publicly traded assets but one that can turn around and buy up businesses, redevelop communities and provide opportunities for those that look like their members.  On a small scale we buy stocks, on a larger scale we own blocks.  If you have not yet joined our club I encourage you to get on board and bet on your future.  Experiences and memories fade but assets live forever.  Be great!

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