Why NOW is the best time to Invest in Real Estate 


Timing is key when it comes to Real Estate and I believe there is no better time than the present. There is a perfect storm of baby boomers downsizing, millennials buying, Interest rate at lifetime lows. Putting your money to work for you in cash flowing real estate will be the key to success for decades to come. Here are a couple of reasons to get off the sideline:

Technology is your friend

Back in the day small investors felt venturing too far away from home was risky when it came to establishing an investment portfolio. Now you can buy property as far away as you desire and be comfortable you made a secure investment. The Internet has made the world smaller. Prospective tenants can find you on craigslist, you can a handyman on Angie’s List, check out a new neighborhood on Google Street view, Tenants can even pay rent online. Real estate is now for everybody everywhere.

Interest Rates are still at Historic Lows

If you ask your grandparents about interest rates in the 80s, you will hear numbers you couldn’t fathom. Q4 1981 interest rates in a 30 year mortgage was 18% rates topped out at 18.45%. Right now you can lock in a rate around 4%. Low interest rates means lowers mortgage payments which means more cashflow for the investor. Interest rates fell to low 3% in Q4 2012 though rates have been rising steadily we have the great opportunity to lock on rates we may never see again.

 Job security 

Job security doesn’t exist anymore. We hear the stories of working for a company for a couple decades then retiring with full benefits and enjoying the last few years you have. The Recession changed the older demographic are working longer due to the damage done to their retirement portfolio they cant afford to not work. Millennials have so much student debt and little hope for upward mobility that maneuvering in the gig economy is more appealing. A good Real Estate portfolio is the key to financial freedom.


With the abundance of valuable FREE knowledge out there being taking advantage off by a Get Rich Quick seminar selling courses that cost $1000s should be a thing of the past. With resources like BiggerPockets you can find almost any and everything and connect with a network of like minded people. There are books, Lectures on YouTube, and podcast. Podcast are my personal favorite guest across different asset classes talk about their investment strategies to achieve different goals that range is from supplementing their income to buying GulfStream jet and everybody is executing from 4 units to 35,000 units.

Todd Acquisitions, our real estate investment fund, is positioning ourselves to acquire 4+ units in less than 90 days and we want YOU to be on board.  Email info@capitaltodd.com to join today.

Be Great,

Lance Pettway

Twitter: @cashflowinasset


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