Pursue advice from people whose daily activity is studying the market


In the highly coveted book University of Success by Og Mandino he states that it is wise to pursue advice from the men whose daily activity it is to manage money.  This is extremely wise.  Yesterday on twitter I made the statement that cultures that do well financially aren’t there because everyone knows how to invest.  They are there because they made their money and entrusted their wealth to the ones that do.

Everyone wants to learn to invest but this post is to encourage you not to become an expert in the market.  YOU need to continue to become an expert in your field (nursing, engineering, teaching) and leave the money management to the money managers.  I promise you that you will make more money by dominating YOUR lane and investing the excess than you will trying to be in all lanes.

All lanes don’t matter

Over the last few months I have learned the power of dominating your lane and betting on yourself.  We all have special talents and they are all important to a functioning society.  I believe that the key is to dive deep into your profession and dominate your space, NOT run from space to space because it is hot.  For example, when real estate was hot everyone wanted to be a real estate agent.  They made money but now all those agents have washed out.  Since it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in your field you would have been better off staying in your lane and spending the 5 years getting hours into your industry.. This would have allowed you to level up to the point where you are the leader in your space instead of being the number 3 guy in a dead space.

The point of this post is to encourage you to be great but to allow us to do what we do.  We would love to teach you all that we know but we fear that would only take you so far without the exposure and experience we have accumulated over the years. An example is getting a professional haircut over doing it yourself.  You can chop off the hair but not in the way that a pro would.  Another example is cooking.  You can cook and burn food so that it is edible but not with the care and precision of a chef.

I encourage you to work with what we are doing but I know that the value we bring to the table is more than worth what you can earn by attempting to do it all by yourself.  I encourage you to use your time becoming great at your calling because our community needs great lawyers, doctors, engineers, house wives etc.  We need you to be great in your lane so we can have a balanced society.  Join the investment club by emailing info@capitaltodd.com

Be great,

Todd Millionaire

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