Invest through the ugly that is this current refugee and immigrant situation


I was reading an article about Starbucks and other tech companies vowing to give 10,000 jobs, free housing and benefits to refugees (  On one hand this looks like it flies in the face of the Trump administration.  But if you really look at it, that is a sign of confidence in these tech companies.  While they disagree with the hard stances Trump is taking, they are confident that their businesses are strong and thriving. So much so, that they are putting up dollars to support health care to their workers and ensure they have jobs and a livable wage.

This is interesting because I think it is the natural cause of things. There is nothing wrong with helping out other people but the problem comes with when you are helping other people despite yourself. Trump is putting America first and liberals in return are looking out for people that need to be looked after.  The problem has been that in the past we weren’t looking out for our best interest.

In business, life and even in running a country you have to play offense and defense. Trump if finally playing offense while liberals are running around defending what they want to protect.  That is the sign of health not destruction.  

I get so frustrated when people say that our country is being destroyed.  The truth is that without friction there is no forward movement.  We cant grow as a country without it.  That is the reason for the two party system.  Yes, it is frustrating, yes it is scary but I GUARANTEE you in four years our country is going to once again be the beacon of light to the world that it once was.  

So, with that, I encourage you to invest in the ugly. Things might look ugly right now but you have to read through the news.  If a company is creating 10,000 jobs that means there is  revenue coming in to support those jobs.  If a company can give away free housing that means there is more than enough to give away and still maintain a viable company.  America is walking into the land of abundance and you don’t even know it!  Bet big on America, bet big on the stock market and bet big on a GREAT America.


Todd Millionaire

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