Why teamwork and sacricice are all we need to be great in America


Happy Dow 20,000!  This is an amazing day in America because it signals strength and perseverance of the markets.  This quick blog post will discuss how perceived capital limitations are no barrier to engaging in capitalism.

Teamwork is essential

When I was working in private banking I realized that a lot of people in other cultures WORK TOGETHER.  You would look at a fathers accounts and they were linked to the mother and all his kids.  They shared resources and nobody lacked.  You see the same thing in Hispanic community not so much with their accounts (because most of them cant legally have bank accounts) but in their housing, transportation and community settings.  They share and work together.  Caucasians have this down to a generational thing where homes and assets are left to later generations.  African Americans seem to be missing the ball on all of these things.  However this is new history and we get to create the story we want told.  This means we get to adopt new cultural practices that are aimed at thriving based on what we have.  This starts with a team.

Two can do more than twice what one person can do, and the mastermind effect are things we should all be tapping into.  For far too long we have operated as independent beings to our detriment.  All of us don’t benefit when the “first black xyz” gets promoted.  There are millions of black people across the country.  Too many for us to celebrate the achievements of ONE as if it benefits us all.  We need ALL of us striving for and accomplishing things not just one of us.


Crowdfunding allows a group of people to put together small amounts of money to create the large sums.  My investment club is already doing this but more of us need to be saving en mass.  We are losing because we are getting priced out of the best investments and we arent doing anything about it.  I think its important to note that most of the biggest investments and acquisitions arent done by ONE person or entity.  Even other cultures have to team up to level up.  Hispanics form teams to buy multi family properties, wealthy people team up to buy sports teams.  Crowdfunding exists on all levels.  Don’t just lie down in the face of your problems, find a way and then execute that way.  You will figure it out as you go along.

I suggest you start a savings club or investment club within your family and buy a building. Or, start a family office and learn how to manage your family’s money in a way that you can preserve your capital and live off the gains.  Crowdfunding is a solution to all of the excuses people make.  People say they cant buy a business or they cant start a business or they cant start a school or whatever.  We would be much better off if we chased solutions the way we chase problems.


None of these things are easy and they will require sacrifice.  Struggle is progress and if you aren’t willing to truly struggle the culture is doomed before we even get started.  One of the reasons we lose is we party harder than all other cultures. We engage in entertainment more than all other cultures and we shop more than all other cultures.  WE are living in bliss while others grind and take on true progress.  Its amazing that the ones who celebrate the most have the least to celebrate.

People don’t realize that settling into your crappy situation is a form of giving up.  You might think that you are creating a solution by pushing and creating awareness but that isn’t progress.  That is complacency just a very loud form of it.  Winners create their solution with struggle.  Losers, sit around and complain about how McDonalds made them fat.


None of this matters if you aren’t an executor though. We can talk about it and we can create awareness but awareness without action is just informed nothingness.  You didn’t take a step back you took a step to the side.  I suggest that you set your goals and work backwards.  If you don’t see protest or complaining anywhere on that list, and you wont because protest doesn’t get you anywhere, then it shouldn’t be an action you are engaged in!

If you want to execute on a solution I highly encourage you to get on board with our investment club.  We are crushing it and continuing to shift the culture. Email us at info@capitaltodd.com to get started today!

Be Great!

Todd Millionaire

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