Betting on America in 2017 and why I voted for Donald Trump


Now that the shock has worn off and we have finally come to the realization that Donald Trump is the President of the United States it is time to position ourselves to capitalize on this inevitable reality.  This post will touch on why I voted for Donald Trump and then how to invest and win in the Trump era.

Why would a black man vote for Donald Trump?

I never saw anything that Trump planned to do as an attack on black folks.  In fact, most of his plans actually benefit black folks. The problem was that it didn’t benefit black folks in the form that they thought they wanted. They wanted to do away with the cause when Trumps plans would benefit you despite the cause.  This is power.  Power is the ability to win without circumstances changing. This is key because you cant go back and make your ancestors not slaves or make people not be racist.  The goal is to win even though your ancestors were slaves and even though people are racist.

I wasn’t raised like most

One of the most memorable experiences in my life have been when I have flirted with government assistance.  The first was when I was in college and broke and starving.  I thought it would be a good idea to get food stamps but I was prohibited from getting this help because my mom advised against it. I think that not having the handouts of food stamps or grants drove me to get a degree that I knew would PAY not to get a degree just for the sake of getting one.  I was made better because I didn’t take the easy way out.

The second time I was tempted with government assistance was when I lost a job and had the opportunity to get unemployment insurance.  I could have hopped on it but from experience I have learned that unemployment insurance only helps you stay unemployed longer.  Since work is the best mentor and teacher, it would not benefit me in the long run to get paid to sit.  I would be doing myself and my heirs a disservice by taking this handout no matter how valid my need was.

My point is that most handouts end up keeping you down and in a position of needing a handout.  So why would you vote for this ability?  If you got what you want all the time you would end up spoiled and lame like most people in the community who get EBT yet don’t have to learn the valuable skills that come with polishing and refining yourself to the point where you earn what you eat.  Government assistance stunts you and keeps you dependent and our community cant win with a group of small citizens with their hands out.

If you have ever seen someone getting government assistance they tend to continue to act in a way that helps them get more assistance.  They miraculously cant find a job or they are disabled or its too hard or they don’t have time because they have kids.  This is because the uncertainty is more scary than the reality of never achieving their dreams.  Therefore they find a way to go with the guaranty even if it is small time.  Personally, my goals and public assistance just didn’t line up and I learned that if more people didn’t have the ease of access to these crutches they could fly. I have the same goals for the black community which is why I am pro Ben Carson and anyone who is willing to kick way the crutches of the community.  It might hurt but you will thank us later.

Donald Trump knows what it takes to make REAL money

Donald Trump knows what it takes to thrive economically.  Too often we put leaders in place that are nothing more than policy makers.  Or worse, have no clue what it takes to start a business or how to make money outside of a job.  Donald Trump gets it and his knowledge of what it takes to get rich will trickle down into our government policies and programs.  Too often people who only know how to be poor or how to look for a job think that the wealth is in a job.  Most republican Presidents, however, know that wealth comes from home ownership/real estate, education and business.  Most Republicans put programs in place that help spur the growth of all the above.  Nixon did it, Bush did it and so did Reagan.

One of the problems with the Obama administration is we put way too much emphasis on job creating and not enough on business creation.  This is understandable because Obama and his administration don’t understand business or the true value of business.  Trump does, and this has already been seen in his first two days in office where he has met with top CEOs.  Business creates jobs, not government. Only Republicans have a strong track record for actually creating economic wealth.  There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump will do the same.

Free stuff and people being nice to you will never make you wealthy

While it might seem like a noble gesture to protest and get people to be nice to you the reality is that winners aren’t well liked.  The goal should be to win not to be liked.  The goal should be to win not to get more free stuff.  This dependence on free stuff is holding back the culture and the best way to get people to be great is to take away their crutches.  For too long people have leaned on their excuses as crutches instead of doing whatever it takes to be great.

If the goal is equality, you will never get it because equality doesn’t exist.  It says we are “created” equal not that we ARE equal.  After we are born we determine whether we rise or fall based on our choices.  People are protesting for something that can’t even exist and definitely can’t be given by the government.

Malcolm X said that “If you are a man you take it”.  Therefore, you have to take your progress.  Do that by joining a club, being strategic, thinking and planning then taking massive action.  If you are afraid of Donald Trump then odds are you were useless under Obama because you sat around waiting and hoping for change.  The President doesn’t determine where you end up, you do.  I think that the best thing that could have happened was for this reality check and for you to realize that you are the only hope you need.

Investing with Trump

It’s important to understand that if Trump wins we all win and not just morally.  This isn’t a feel good win this is a money in the bank win.  If Trump succeeds in bringing manufacturing back to America there are more jobs and more wealth at home.  If Trump succeeds in cutting down on illegal job stealing immigrants then there is higher wages for American citizens because they aren’t competing with someone who will do their job for pennies.

Most people disliked Trump because they heard a negative spin on something that would actually benefit them.  All of the things that protesters want will come to them but not in the form that they think.  It will come but it will come on the backs of healthy homes, more wealth, safer streets and progress, not compassion.

I say buy everything American from steel to oil to airlines and banks.  Buy buy buy as the market starts booming not merely making back the gains it lost during the recession.  I think you have to bet on American housing, bet on American cities coming back (Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore etc) and just bet on a thriving America.  Trump has a long history of actual results not just being able to speak and not merely getting into a prestigious school.  While Trump has done all of these things Trump is also an executor at the highest level who isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with the heavyweights.  Please look at all the great things that will come to pass and position yourself to win.  Don’t let this great time pass you by. Join our investment club today by emailing 

Be great!

Todd Millionaire

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