An investment product that caters to the African American community



I have worked at several investment firms and based on their criteria for what makes a good investor/prospect a lot of African Americans get priced out.  We just don’t meet the minimums (yet) and they want commission NOW,  not later.  The problem is a lot of these investment firms are for those that have already established wealth in prior generations.  Thus, that model works for them.

Most of us in the African American community or African Americans living outside of the community are starting at ground zero either by circumstances or because you were placed there in order to “learn how to be a man” or “because I had to struggle”.  Too often people are left to start out with nothing because their parents thought that was a good idea.  The problem is that other groups aren’t doing that, and therefore other groups can walk into big firms and meet the minimums.  While this might not be your fault it doesn’t mean you get to loaf off because you have a read-made excuse.  Remember, it’s not your fault if you start out broke its your fault if you end up broke. 

We built Todd Capital Investment Club how we built it with the African American community in mind.  This is because we are drastically under served in CREATIVE ways to build wealth but over served with ways to go broke (read payday lending and tax refund loans).  Todd Capital caters to you because we utilize a monthly payment plan, no minimums, low commissions, low capital requirements, a mastermind effect, and continuous coaching/teaching.  We are able to tailor and continue to refine our programs all because we understand what it means to be an African American investor, often times building wealth from the ground up.  I will briefly discuss these ideas below.

1. Monthly Payment Plan

The reason why we have a monthly plan and even a lite ($25) plan is because we understand that a lot of us aren’t yet sitting on cash reserves.  This just means we have to put the pieces together over time by chipping away with our working income.  While other firms aren’t willing to wait and work with you, we are.  Just because you aren’t sitting on thousands doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be investing for the future.  Investing today is how you get to a place where you are sitting on thousands.  (Save to invest)

Additionally, we put your lower investment to work because we combine all our resources together.  This allow your lower investment to not get eaten up by commissions.  Additionally, we will be able to use margin that most people wont get because they are investing lower amounts.  We have basically eliminated all the danger with the high bars that keep you out and the things that eat away at lower balances.

2. Coaching and Teaching

My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge not for the lack of drive or desire.  We have the drive we just need to match it up with the knowledge. By sharing knowledge, books, podcasts and articles we strive to show our members that investing isn’t as hard as pundits on CNBC can make it sound.  That piece of advice there is worth its weight in gold.

Working with our investment club is a continuous learning experience.  Its not enough to make money if you don’t know why you made that money or how to make it again.  By working with us we will make you an intelligent investor who can capitalize on those skills in their outside accounts and pass their knowledge on to their heirs.

3. Mastermind

Our investment club is not just making money.  We have a desire to coach and teach you why we do everything that you do.  A main benefit of working with a group is hearing other people’s ideas, learning from their experience and having direct access to experts who aren’t billing you by the hour or charging you a commission.  You can achieve more in one year investing with others than if you were to invest your entire life leaning entirely on your own knowledge and power.   Masterminding is the true key to success.

4. We “get it”

Aside from all of the above ideas I think that where we win is that we understand the psychology of our members.  We know why you may be in a situation, we know what your goals and dreams are and we know the distractions you may face that could keep you from investing.  Because we have this inside knowledge, we create a much better investment club experience and environment.  A lot of the reason why non blacks don’t invest in black areas is because they don’t understand the psychology of the market.  We get it, we understand and we want to see you win.

If you haven’t yet joined the club, we are on a mission to 500 members and we would love to have you along for the ride.  We are going to do so much with club in ways not before seen and it would be wise to get in at the bottom floor.  If you are already a member, please refer your friends and family.  We look forward to working with you.



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