You cant get rich playing small


Over the years I have learned that the market typically trades within a range of 1-2% drops and runs every day.  High days are followed by low days and vice versa.  I have also realized that stocks don’t typically double and triple. What will happen is a long term gain of 8-10% and that is seen as a good thing.  That also happens after you have rode out some dips along the way.  After years of trading small I realized that you cant get anywhere staying so small that  even when you win you don’t really win because the victory is minimal.

You cant get rich playing small because the small victories aren’t victories at all.  The same win with a larger position in the market is what you want.  That is where the true money is made, scale.  That is one of the main reasons why we created Todd Capital Investment Club.  In the club we have combined a bunch of small chunks into a significant five figure portfolio, and growing.

To give you an example of how playing small hurts, take a small $100 investment in Visa.  If you make 2-5% in a day or week you will have made $2 -$5. If you buy the same company but instead invest $100,000 you will have made $2,000 to $5,000, in one week on the same trade, the same homework and the same price movement.  $5,000 for one week of work isn’t too shabby. 

The thing is that “[p]eople never create wealth because they never invest enough in a deal to get a big payoff”.  The “[s]ignificant wealth creators make big plays”.  Grant Cardone, Millionaire Booklet. The emphasis here is that you can be smart, you can know the right companies to buy and when but if you are playing small none of that will matter.  The same goes for real estate, your career, anything where a goal is attached.  If you aim small and invest small your return will be small.  As you reap so will you sow.

Too often people set their goals based on what is easy not on what will create the life they truly want.  So they throw in a few dollars here and there.  That will never get you to your goal but it will allow you to maintain your lifestyle while feeling like you are taking action.  Only “Massive Action” will get you to your goals.  Investing small and massive action have nothing to do with each other. 10X your investment plays for the big payoff. 

The reason most people don’t reach their goals is because they set them so low that they aren’t motivated to even put forth the effort day in and day out and through the trials the are inevitable to see their goals through.  If you set the proper goal you will be motivated to take on extra work at nights and weekends. You will be motivated to sacrifice temporary luxury for the good life.

This is why I have set the goal for Todd Capital Investment Club of 500 members and $1 million invested in 2017.  We have to aim high because our scale will make our members wealthy and because if we don’t aim high we will ultimately fail or achieve that lower goal and still feel as though we failed.  We need your help reaching both of these goals so every RT, post, like, referral helps get us on track to making the lasting financial change I know can occur in the black community. Email for more info.

Be great!

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