Todd Capital Finance and Todd Capital Free Loan Society


Our community struggles because we don’t have access to funding. So what are we going to do? Are we going to cry about it and sit here for another 20 years without access or are we going to create our own access?

I say we create our own and that is why Todd Capital will be releasing Todd Capital Finance and the Todd Capital Free Loan Society by mid 2017.  This will be a strategic alliance with high net worth individuals to pool resources they have on the sidelines in order to fund promising and well run ventures that need that additional boost to get over the hump and to market.

When you make hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions you typically cant spend it all so you have to park it somewhere.  TCF, once finalized and properly structured, will allow these individuals to park their money and then lend it out.  Our partners will be able to provide short term investments for real estate deals, provide mortgages and will be able to earn a much higher return than a savings or CD account while helping their community advance.  Partners will also have the structure and middle man to be able to lend out to businesses to help increase the presence of black businesses and create jobs and wealth in the areas that need it the most.  The structure via TCF will help keep the loans from turning into gifts (if you know what I mean).  If we are successful, and we will be because success is our duty, we would effectively become the bank.

The Todd Capital Free Loan Society will provide short bridge loans for down payments on homes, business loans, college loans, bar loans etc.  With the purpose of allowing people in the community to advance to the next level.  The catch is that if you participate you have to begin to give back so we can continue to build the fund and help more people.  As we take the community higher by kicking down doors for one another the pool will continue to grow.  Please note, these loans will not be for consumer purchases and will go to only the most qualified borrowers.  All of the loans will be secured by real estate or personal collateral such as a car or something to make sure our investors are safe.  The goal is to help the community not take advantage of anyone.

As this project develops we will release more details.




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