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Over the course of the next few months a lot of people are going to be receiving a tax refund.  This refund is likely larger than any amount of money they have held at one point during the entire year.  With that comes big eyes as the things you lusted over all year are now attainable.  The goal of Todd  Capital is to reshape the black consumer culture into one of producers, owners and accumulators.  Therefore, I would like to challenge you to look at your refund differently this year.  

What I have come to realize is that most people don’t know what to do with the money that they have.  Most people only know how to earn and spend money.  Anything else is either too confusing or boring.  The people that do save their money tend to just use that money to make bigger purchases.  

What I am going to talk about applies to bonuses as well as tax refunds.  All windfalls should be treated the same way.  I say this because windfalls, refunds and bonuses are unexpected money that you operated the entire year without. You have survived without the money so you can survive, on that same working income, while that money works for you.  

I know so many people who barely make it or intentionally play small all year long just so they can get their refund.  You wasted an entire year for $5,000? Why would you want to live broke for 11 months only to ball out for one month? The math doesn’t add up.  You wasted an entire year that could have been used making way more money than the few grand you are getting back, which is usually your money in the first place.

Below are some ideas that will allow you to leverage your windfall so you don’t have to live a life where you are dependent upon windfalls and live in poverty during the remainder of that time.  Time that is usually the majority of the year (see the 1 month for 11 month trade off example).

  1. Pad your investment account
  2. Contribute to a syndicated real estate deal
  3. Contribute to syndicated investment clubs
  4. Invest in a personal development program or class
  5. Invest in your own or your friend’s business
  6. Pay down debt

That’s it.  Everything else is a waste.  I don’t believe in dead money so if you aren’t playing offense you are losing!   Saving is dead money.  Don’t save to save. Save to invest!  All of the year while your refund accumulated is all the saving  you need to do.  Now pour that into an account that can produce dividends and gains, then ball out of the GAINS!  That’s called wealth. 

Investing is lively money that allows your money to work for you.  Investing in yourself creates a better and more valuable you that will be able to command a higher salary or engage in outside activities that pad your income.  Paying down debt allows you to stop having compound interest work against you via interest and fees on your consumer debt. So the options are limited to going on offense with your money. No more defensive moves.  You can’t score points playing defense with your money. 

I hate the tax refund ballers because I believe that if you can’t save and purchase what you really want out of your working income then you don’t really deserve it.  Assets buy luxuries and tax refunds aren’t assets.  Luxuries are rewards, not RIGHTS.  You need to develop yourself to the point where you can command a salary that will allow you live that lifestyle year round.  If you don’t, you are selling yourself and your heirs short by living a small life.  This smallness stunts you in more ways than your income.  You will have a stunted peer group, stunted goals and stunted success all because you played small for a few bucks.  The fact is that people want you to do this.  When you play small your community suffers and outsiders reap the true rewards that come with living large. 

Todd Capital, Todd Acquisitions and Todd Ventures have multiple ways to turn your refund into passive income.  The goal of our programs is to return your principal (that refund) back to you while continuing to own the asset and the income derived therefrom.  Its a long term big picture play but it will turn you into the owner that you deserve to be.  Your kids can’t inherit your dirty LV purse or that vacation but they can inherit your equity stake and the cashflow that you created, lived off, and then left for them.  If you want to join any of our programs email and get started on the path to prosperity!

Be Great!


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