Black billionaire spotlight: Quintin E. Primo III


Quintin E. Primo III (born March 14, 1955) is the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Capri Capital Partners, LLC,[1] one of the largest minority-owned real estate investment management firms in the United States.[2] Primo, whose firm has $4.04 billion in assets under management in domestic and international commercial real estate, is ranked on the Forbes‘ Top Twenty Richest African American’s in the World list.[3] Primo, a regular contributor on CNBC, has been recognized in the real estate industry for his achievements.[4]

In 2000, under Primo’s leadership, Capri Capital launched one of the first real estate mezzanine funds.[5] As a minority-owned firm, Capri Capital was also an early investor in under-served urban markets such as South Los Angeles. In 2006, Capri capital purchased Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, a Los Angeles regional mall.

In 2012, Black Enterprise Magazine named Capri Capital as its Financial Services Company of the Year.[6]

In September 2013, under Primo’s direction, Capri Capital launched Capri Global Capital, Limited, formed as part of a strategic alliance with Money Matters Financial Services Limited in India. The Indian company was renamed Capri Global Capital Limited.[7] Primo is the non-executive chairman and director of Capri Global Capital Limited’s Board of Directors[8] in India. Primo becomes one of, if not the first, African-American to serve on the board of an Indian-registered publicly listed company.

Primo is known for his philanthropy[9] as the founder and chairman of the Primo Center[10] for Women and Children, a transition homeless shelter in West Side, Chicago.

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