Todd Everything, 2017


Online I get made fun of because I am always thinking of ideas and ventures and then throwing it under the Todd umbrella.  I have thought of creating a sports agency, writing a book, creating an app, selling clothes, selling wine, etc.  The crazy thing is that I plan on executing on it all.  And everything will be branded under the TODD name.

The name TODD stands for Together we can Overcome Deterrents and Distractions.  The emphasis is on TOGETHER.  This is because my belief is that one of us isn’t smarter than all of us and that instead of building a bunch of small businesses we should be grouping together to build mega firms.  This puts us on equal playing field with other groups in America.  We cannot afford to be crabs any longer.

This year the Todd organization is going to execute on all the ideas that we have been brainstorming.  So expect the book, expect the investment course, look out for the podcast, the rehab projects, the business acquisitions, the book club and much much more.  The Todd organization is about putting feet to the vision and putting money in everyone’s pockets not just those at the top.

The black wealth podcast by Todd Capital will interview big names in the black wealth community with the goal of educating and inspiring those to take real lasting action that their heirs can benefit from.    There is no growth in promoting and protesting to remain a slave.  The wealth podcast is there to create owners not perpetual victims and excuse makers. We will be sitting down with the likes of Jay Morrison, Boyce Watkins, Dennis Kimbro and many more. 

Todd Acquisitions is aimed at creating affordable housing and safe communities.  There is a huge problem in black America with crime, substandard housing, unsightly neighborhoods and the people that those environments produce.  We have to put our money back into our community and not into Michael Jordan’s pockets.

Every single plan that we have can be executed if we get enough people and dollars behind the project.  The free stuff is over and done with.  The begging is over and done with.  If you really want to see real change in your community get behind our equity crowdfunding movements with Todd Capital Investment Club and Todd Acquisitions and soon to be formed Todd Ventures and lets make 2017 the best year financially that the African American community has ever seen.  

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