Communist capitalism as a means to black wealth


I study immigrants.  Why?  Because they have found a way to win in America.  Most of them come here and start with nothing, suffer through discrimination and still manage to rise in the ranks.  This is amazing to me because by doing so they essentially destroy ANY excuse you can throw up for why you cant win in America.

I first became aware of all the great things immigrants accomplish when I was working in Downtown Los Angeles as a private banker.    Los Angeles is a “Sanctuary City” which means the city “has adopted a policy of protecting undocumented immigrants by not prosecuting them solely for violating federal immigration laws in the country in which they are now living illegally”.  This leads to mass amounts of immigrants, most who cant get jobs, but that is another excuse they destroy.  They start businesses or work for immigrants who started businesses until they can start their own.

My job was to work with the wealthiest in that area so I was always in meetings with business owners in the area, most of them immigrants, who benefited from Sanctuary City policies. What I found was their accounts and assets we hugely impressive.  I met with little old Hispanic men and women who couldn’t speak English and didn’t have impressive jobs but managed to accumulate fat, six figure, CDs.  I met Iranian immigrants who owned successful jewelry companies, successful garment companies and lucrative real estate portfolios.  As a result of the capitalist nature of America and their communal tendencies these immigrants are able to thrive economically.  

imgres.jpgThe focus of this post is that America is a capitalist nation.  I always say that.  I echo the sentiments of SB Fuller in that “we struggle because we don’t have anything to sell”.  This is true.  But there is something missing.  Its not enough to be capitalists.  We must also adopt a form of communism where the community benefits from each other’s success.  THIS is what separates immigrants who thrive on capitalism as a community from the pure individualistic nature of America where the select few win.  The things is that you don’t have to adopt EVERYTHING about a culture.  You just pick and choose the things that work and merge them into yours.  For example, if a certain culture is great at business but terrible at education, take the business acumen and then steal the education piece from the culture that does.  In a way you create a megatron culture.

Many people complain about black folks not having a culture or having it stripped away. But to me, that is great because it allows us to create our own megatron culture from scratch.  

This article is to challenge you to be both capitalistic AND communist.  I had this idea on twitter and I needed to document it because I think it is life changing.  In America we are heavily anti communist but most people don’t even really know what that means or why they are against it.  There is beauty in communism because it allows you to blow up your entrepreneurial ideas and take them even further.  For example, most real estate in America is over priced and the small single person could never afford it.  A group of people, however, could more than afford it.  Its really about gaming the game.  Instead of seeing the challenge as a reason to stop use it as a reason to think.  Grant Cardone said that most people are willing to take massive action until they meet some form of resistance, then they stop.  My answer is to THINK, or in this case GROUP, your way over that hurdle.

Most cultures buy property together, live together, invest together and start businesses to hire each other.  When my family was selling our house post 2008 RE crash the potential buyers were single people or even couples.  We were getting offers from an asian mother and her two sons.  When I lived in LA I would walk by apartments and Mexican families would have beds in every single room in that apartment.  They turned the living room into a place to sleep.  They would all get dropped off to work in one van.  8 people would hop out and go to work.  This gives them strength because there is only so much you can do solo.  It might sound fun and look funny but when I looked at their accounts and saw what looked like poor people rolling over 100k CDs I stopped laughing.

The things is, they do it by nature.  They know they are coming to America to succeed entrepreneurial but they still group up and work as a unit.  That is something that we don’t do.

My challenge to you is to put economic success over personal comfort.  Be willing to live with someone while you stack and invest.  Be willing to support your friends business. Be willing to give up a portion of your business.  That selfish stuff has to end for the 2017.  If you always do what you have always done you will always have what you have always had. And so far, what we have is the bottom of the totem pole.  It’s time to shift your thinking.

Be great!


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