Todd Capital Book Club: The Millionaire Booklet


The book for this week is actually a booklet. This is great because most people don’t really have the patience to sit through 200 pages but would be in a better position if they had the information contained in said pages.  This quick booklet is 50 pages long, can be read in about a day, but it is packed full of paradigm shifting information.

This book outlines the path to becoming a millionaire by challenging you to do the “millionaire math”, get your mind right, create multiple streams of income, and take action.  Grant Cardone is a highly successful business man and real estate investor who has written many NY Times best sellers.  He is personally one of my major influences.  I literally listen to a chapter of his book the 10X Rule every morning before I get to work.

One tip that he harps on is that its important to get the people around you thinking wealth.  He says that if you don’t get them thinking how you think about money they will soon have you thinking how they think.  Since we are all members of the same club(s) it is important that we all share similar beliefs about money and wealth.

You can get this book on Grant’s website for one dollar plus shipping. It is also available in audio form or through ebook platforms.  I think this is a great selection and a quick read.  I encourage you to pick it up so we can discuss it on the next conference call.

Be Great!


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