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“People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it”… is the mantra repeated in my newest read Start With Why by Simon Sinek.  This is the second book I have read by him.  The first was Leaders Eat Last which was about putting the team first.

Start With Why goes on to illustrate the importance of knowing your why and then building the HOW (action) and the WHAT (product) off of the why.. The prime example in the book is the story of Apple, specifically Apple vs Microsoft.  The book states that Apple had a vision to change the world and disrupt the status quo, then they went on to create products that did just that.  This allowed them to dominate not just personal computers but music distribution, portable media, cellular phones etc. because they stuck very close to their why.

This is the same mentality that we take at Todd Capital.  At the core, our WHY is to create a prosperous African American culture.  Therefore, everything that we post, promote, create and distribute is aimed at helping us achieve the goal of decimating the wealth gap. It is not our goal to catch up, that is lazy and uninspiring, the goal is to dominate, not compete. 

Todd Acquisitions

This year we WILL do even more amazing things by adding in the real estate arm to compliment the success of the stock investment club.  This will allow us to use leverage and add jet fuel to our returns.  Making money is always the goal, but pulling our money out of Michael Jordan’s pocket and putting it into real estate will also allow us to build and reinvigorate our own spaces and profit in the process.  The key is that we will then turn around and funnel the bigger, jet-fuel-infused gains, back into these areas.  It will be a cycle of growth that goes higher and higher like a Donald Trump skyscraper.

Value in Distressed Real Estate: There is money in distressed real estate.  The interesting thing is that most investors are afraid to go into areas that are heavily “urban” and distressed.  From my experience, however, these areas tend to respect it when those who look like them add value to their community.  Therefore, this presents a huge competitive advantage because we are all sitting on distressed property that only we have access to. Let’s lean in and mine from the acres of diamonds that we are standing on.

We can’t continue to allow individuals to pull resources out our community without putting them back in.  We also cant sit around waiting for the government savior to come and make things alright. That is a recipe for disaster.  At Todd Cap we know this and as a result our investments are driven toward creating successful black communities, not just making a ton of money so we can give it to European and Caucasian brands.  We have to recycle the dollars back where they came from.

It is our WHY to use resources we already have to build up black areas that are always and will continue to be neglected if we don’t choose to be the change and start putting our dollars to work.  That is the WHAT for Todd Acquisitions and that is how it is tied to our HOW.  We can improve lives, make areas safer, create jobs and increase properties values, aka black wealth, at the same time.

Todd Ventures

The plan for 2018 is to release a venture capital type arm that will allow us to invest in black tech startups.  Black entrepreneurs receive less than 5% of VC funding and we dont believe in begging white people to save us and then profit in the process.  We are not helpless or hopeless. We are a mighty people and we can create our own solutions just like we create dance moves and fashion trends.  

What might seem like a reason to complain might actually be an opportunity.  Most VCs and angel investors steal your equity, as most people see on Shark Tank.  Which means VCs end up making more money off your idea than you do.  That doesn’t sound like a goal to me.  Furthermore, if we back our own ideas we will get to profit off our own ideas. Its like Master P and Baby starting and owning all their music as opposed to other artists who sign deals and don’t own their masters.  By funding our own entrepreneurs our community owns our masters.  The wealth is in ownership not in a paycheck or rapper advance.

T.O.D.D. Capital

Todd Capital stands for Together we can Overcome Deterrents and Distractions.  There are so many distractions and temptations to blow money fast and very little incentive to retain and invest what you have.  Todd Capital is on a 10X quest to change that. Because the true value is in stacking what you have and living off what you own generates.  That is wealth and that is what we are going to create for our members and ultimately the black community as a whole.  Stick with us for 2017 and beyond.  We know we can change the landscape of black wealth in America.  It is our duty and our ethical obligation to make it so.

Be great!

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