Dream big and follow through bigger


Todd Capital Investment Club is one piece of this entire movement toward a financially independent people.

I have a dream that we will have healthy and flourishing communities where people own businesses, are gainfully employed, and as a result, very very wealthy.  This cant happen without team work.  I always say that there has always been an elite class of black folks no matter the era in US History.  During segregation there were wealthy black folks, post segregation there were wealthy black folks and even today there are wealthy black folks.  While it is great that there are exceptions we have to make the minority the majority.

While I know it is statistically impossible to have everyone be elite.  Everyone should at least be making an effort to do so and at the very least to be competitive in the US and eventually global economy.  You don’t have to do anything but work with our firm to accomplish this goal.

As I stated on twitter, our goal for TCIC and Todd Capital Acquisitions is to turn average wage earners into business owners.  This will begin by investing in shares on the stock market.  As we grow we are going to take over entire businesses.  That is where the true wealth is generated. Investing in the stock market is a different ball game from actual business ownership.  The numbers just work out better when you are taking a salary from the company instead of living out of the net income as a shareholder.

But, as the title of this article indicates it is not enough to dream big. We must follow through.  This post is a call to action.  If you know anyone that is interested in a nationwide movement toward black ownership please refer them to our club.  The goal is 500 members for 2017 and that means we will need be taking on 50 members per month.  That means we will have to 10X our recruitment efforts.

So far we have collaboratively accumulated 10k and 50 members and I know that once we get 500 members and 1mil invested we can then split off pieces to make our members even more money.  Walk with me on the road to more success.

Be great!

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