Wealth is the solution – Activist investing beats plain old activism

Right now I am reading a book entitled “The Snowball”.  It is a story about Warren Buffet. One thing that I keyed in on was Warren could only build so high by himself.  Warren started to really take off when he brought in partners and scaled his business.  This made Warren stand out and people had to take notice.

Another thing that stood out to me was that when he scaled he was able to become what is called an “activist investor”.  An activist investor is someone who purchases enough shares of a publicly traded company that they earn the power to vote members off and on the board and direct the company’s operations.  He who holds the shares holds the most power.

I am not done with this book yet but I also read another story about Warren Buffet which indicates that Warren didn’t make the bulk of his money as a trader or investor. Warren really started generating wealth, not riches, when he has enough clout via the fund that he had access to that he was able to negotiate fail safe deals, take over companies and push Wall Street around.

Todd Investment Club and Acquisitions is equivalent to any other type of large scale fund that exists in America. The fund will eventually allow us write our own rules and make our own form of “justice”.  We will be able to make demands on the government or businesses so they can entice us to bring our money into depressed areas and businesses.  That is power.

Most people don’t get wealthy because they lack the financial intelligence to spot an opportunity when it is right in front of them.  I believe this is true with the african american community. So many people are educated in psychology, sociology and afam studies that when an opportunity rears its head they neglect it and instead go for social justice. Instead, they need to be creating their own economic justice but most lack the abilty to see it.  If you aren’t completely sold on this movement you can always keep protesting but at least give this a shot and see if it makes a difference.


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